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11241 Expedition backpack
15:02 You see an expedition backpack [Qua:0, Ench:+0] (Vol:30). It weighs 18.00 oz.
367 Login to buy
5792 Dice
You can play with it.
437 Login to buy
5710 Light shovel
14:52 You see a light shovel. It weighs 15.00 oz.
287 Login to buy
7731 Elvenhair rope
14:54 You see an elvenhair rope. It weighs 6.00 oz.
287 Login to buy
26518 Credit Card
When you have credit card in your inventory you can pay with it and don't have any gp in your inventory.
(Works only in backpack)
617 Login to buy
16101 Premium scroll (30 days)
15:01 You see a premium scroll. Using this scroll will add 30 days of premium time to your account once.
667 Login to buy
26378 Money Converter
08:32 You see a money converter that has 1000 charges left. It weighs 10.00 oz.
With this tool you can change money right in your backpack! If you move it to your backpack, you can just right click on money to convert, otherwise you have to click RMB on Money Converter and than LMB on money to convert.
47 Login to buy
26680 Hunter Table (mobile)
You can use it like normal standing, but this one you can take with you everywhere you want.
487 Login to buy
26686 Hunter Toolbox (mobile)
It works like standard one, but this item you can take with you for hunt.
697 Login to buy
26682 Alchemy Table (mobile)
This is mobile alchemy table. It works like normal items that opens Alchemy Window, but this one you can take with you.
987 Login to buy
26681 Alchemy Mortar (mobile)
This mortar you can take with you for hunt, so you can generate ingredients immadietly after creature product loot.
777 Login to buy
26683 Blacksmith Anvil (mobile)
You can take this anvil with you everywhere you want, to craft item whenever you would like to.
457 Login to buy
26684 Blacksmith Crucible (mobile)
With this crucible you can smelt or salvage items as soon as you loot them from creature.
1497 Login to buy
26712 Training Squire
You can place it on the ground and train your fighting skills.
87 Login to buy
26722 Change sex rune
With this rune you can change your character sex.
597 Login to buy
26766 Promotion Paper
19:19 You see a promotion paper. It weighs 5.00 oz. Use this paper to gain promotion instantly.
477 Login to buy
26857 Traveling Trader Quest Scroll
Using this scroll you can complete Traveling Trader Quest instantly and start trading with Rashid.
597 Login to buy
26856 Postman Quest Scroll
Using this scroll you can complete Postman Quest instantly. Postman quest gives you discount while traveling around Trollheim and also gives you access to many mailboxes placed on spawns (behind closed doors)
657 Login to buy
26815 Advanced Lure Box
20:58 You see a advanced lure box. It weighs 30.00 oz. It can prevent loosing bait by 40%. (Works only in backpack)
397 Login to buy
26879 Mount Package
23:38 You see a mount package. It weighs 10.00 oz. This package contains random Mount.
1497 Login to buy
26877 Small Outfit Package
23:46 You see a small outfit package. It weighs 10.00 oz. This package contains random Addon or Outfit.
777 Login to buy
26878 Full Outfit Package
23:49 You see a full outfit package. It weighs 10.00 oz. This package contains random Outfit with both addons.
1997 Login to buy
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