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 In our world, your character will have an opportunity to become much more than just a character we all know. Just become a blacksmith, alchemist or hunter and get unique skills to gain an advantage above others! The unique crafting system will guarantee a dependent economics, leading to interact with other players instead of the market itself! Want to craft enchanted equipment for yourself or profit from it? Become a Blacksmith and make it out of crafting materials. Salvage looted equipment to get more materials. Regular equipment has been removed from the market, causing players to interact with each other, making the economy much more alive than it used to be. Tired of getting supplies in the shops? Become Alchemist and brew unique potions for yourself and others whenever you want! Collect ingredients from monsters or buy them from other players. Becoming a Hunter will help you with skinning various monsters and profit from it. Hunter can also craft tophies, mount items and many more. If you want to know more, follow these links: Alchemy, Huntery, Blacksmith

Below you can see charts that indicates correct amount of Occupations on the server to have proper economy. If you want to choose Occupation, you can look at chart and choose one that is not already overflowing.

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