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What is unique about Trollheim Online



 Our world consists of 2 continents and many islands. There are tons of quests and great monster respawns. Prepare for journey! Currently, the only available continent is Trollheim. Look on our roadmap to check what's coming next!


Click here to learn more about the map.

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 In our world, your character will have an opportunity to become much more than just a character we all know. Just become a blacksmith, alchemist or hunter and get unique skills to gain an advantage above others! Unique crafting system will guarantee dependent economics, leading to interact with other players instead of the market itself! Want to craft enchanted equipment for yourself or profit from it? Become a blacksmith and make it out of crafting materials. Salvage looted equipment to get more materials. Regular equipment has been removed from the market, causing players to interact with each other, making the economy much more alive than it used to be. Tired of getting supplies in shops? Become Alchemist and brew unique potions for yourself and others whenever you want! Collect ingredients from monsters or buy them from other players. Becoming a hunter will help you with skinning various monsters and profit from it. If you want to know more, follow those links: Alchemy, Huntery, Blacksmith.

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 There are 6 subprofessions in Trollheim Online. Miner, Lumberjack, Fisherman, Treasure hunter, Jeweler and Cook. Each one gives you new activities and opportunities to get rich!

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Item Attributes

 In world of Trollheim Online you can upgrade your equipment by using Magical Matters. You can use Matter of Practise to upgrade item Level, Matter of Greediness to upgrade item Enchantment and Matter of Ruthless to improve item Quality.

Practise Greediness Ruthlessness

 Enchantment helps you with upgrading your equipment with Magical Matters. Quality and Level improves your items by giving them more attack, more armor, more defense. Here you have some examples.


 On top of that, you can upgrade backpacks with Quality. Every point gives you more space in your backpack.


It is also commonly known, that many classic items changed their regular attributes. Here you can see some examples:

Item1 Item2 Item3 Item4 Item5 Item6

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 We made a few changes to Promotions. First of all, you have to be at least level 50 to get promotion. Secondly, you have to do certain quests.

Master Sorcerer

 To become Master Sorcerer find the head of Prodigy Tower north from Dion. Promotion difficulty **

Elder Druid

 To become Elder Druid find old Druid south-west from Oren in his temple, below Windy Hills. Promotion difficulty: **

Royal Paladin

 To become Royal Paladin find paladins leader in Dion. Look for him at a basement in Queen of Dion building (north from Dion fountain). Promotion difficulty: ****

Elite Knight

 To become an Elite Knight find a knights guild in Oren (northeast part). Promotion difficulty: *

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Raft System

 Raft System it is a fast travel system that allows you to cover vast distances instantly. Just use Raft Ruddar and select destination. Remember that each travel will cost you some token and you can travel only to places that you have visited previously. It's similar to Diablo 2 Waypoint system.

Raft System

 To unlock this system you will need to talk with NPC Zuza that is located north-east from Northport. No travel to every destination you will have to firstly find this destination on foot. Simply use raft ruddar in each raft to unlock this destination.

 Tokens that are needed to travel can be found in Quests, dropped by raid bosses, found in chests by Treasure Hunter and exchanged by NPC. Theses are same tokens that are used in other systems or NPCs.

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Distilling Machine

 Distilling Machine allows you to get some alchemy ingredients. It is mainly used to turn sample tubes substances into substance essences like for example sample tube of blood into blood essence. You can also find more usages for this machine. Some of theme are presented below:

Distilling Machine

 It is good to take many empty sample tubes for with you and use it on corpses to get samples. Essences are basic ingredient used in alchemy and Alchemists need them in huge amount so they will probably buy them from you. To get empty sample tube visit Vossler Sangrey in Oren, craft it as an Alchemist or just but it from other players.

Sample Tube

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 We’ve prepared for you more commands. Examples are here:

Commands Character Informations

 If you want to see whole list of commands just go in Commands section.

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 Become a powerful hero by learning all spells using spell scrolls. You can enchant known spells even to level 10! Trollheim Online spells have their levels. You can learn Energy Strike on level 5 or level 9. Each level of spell is more powerful. Some spells can even increase their area or range! You can learn spells from NPC up to level 5. To go further you have to hunt monsters and drop spell scrolls or buy them from other players.


 To advance in spell level, you have to cast a spell on your current level several times. Open the spell book to see how it is going.

 During your journey you can find unidentified spell scrolls with spells of different levels. You can loot them from monsters, find them in quest chests or in treasure chests.

Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll
 You can unite spell scrolls in special chambers. If you put 5 spell scrolls of the same spell and the same level you are going to get same spell but with higher (+1) level. In example: 5 Light Healing level 6 spell scrolls give you 1 Light Healing level 7 spell scroll.

 You can also unite different spell scrolls of same level to get a random spell scroll of the same level as base spell scrolls.


Spell levels examples:

Energy Strike (Exori Vis)
  • Level 1: Like old 7.4 tibia, shoots only one tile ahead. To hit creature you have to get the right angle.
  • Level 2: More damage than level 1.
  • Level 3: More damage than level 2.
  • Level 4: Now you can shoot on target creature, but the range is 1 so you have to stand next to creature.
  • Level 5: Range: 2 tiles.
  • Level 6: Works like normal Exori Vis, range: 3 tiles.
  • Level 7: More damage than level 6.
  • Level 8: Range: 4 tiles.
  • Level 9: More damage than level 8.
  • Level 10: More damage than level 9, range: 5 tiles.

  • Hell's Core (Exevo Gran Mas Flam)
  • Level 1: Cooldown: 90 sec, Range: 3.
  • Level 2: Cooldown: 80 sec, Range: 3.
  • Level 3: Cooldown: 70 sec, Range: 4.
  • Level 4: Cooldown: 60 sec, Range: 4.
  • Level 5: Cooldown: 50 sec, Range: 5.
  • Level 6: Cooldown: 40 sec, Range: 5.
  • Level 7: Cooldown: 35 sec, Range: 5.
  • Level 8: Cooldown: 30 sec, Range: 5.
  • Level 9: Cooldown: 25 sec, Range: 6.
  • Level 10: Cooldown: 20 sec, Range: 6.

  • Conjure Heavy Magic Missile (Adori Vis)
  • Level 1: Mana:70; Souls: 3; Charges: 1 (70 mana per charge).
  • Level 2: Mana:80; Souls: 3; Charges: 2 (40 mana per charge).
  • Level 3: Mana:100; Souls: 2; Charges: 3 (33,3 mana per charge).
  • Level 4: Mana:110; Souls: 2; Charges: 4 (27,5 mana per charge).
  • Level 5: Mana:130; Souls: 2; Charges: 5 (26 mana per charge).
  • Level 6: Mana:150; Souls: 2; Charges: 6 (25 mana per charge).
  • Level 7: Mana:170; Souls: 1; Charges: 7 (24,3 mana per charge).
  • Level 8: Mana:180; Souls: 1; Charges: 8 (22,5 mana per charge).
  • Level 9: Mana:190; Souls: 1; Charges: 9 (21,1 mana per charge).
  • Level 10: Mana:200; Souls: 1; Charges: 10 (20 mana per charge).

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    PvE Changes

     Each monster has different power, you can also face their leader, which is much stronger. If you are (un)lucky enough, you can face Alpha monster which is most powerful of its kind. Leaders and Alphas loot rate is significantly increased. More power means more Health Points, stronger attacks and spells and also faster.

    MonsterPower MonsterPower

  • Now, you are able to lure monsters whole map like old times. It means you can also push them on the stairs or to hole!
  • Monster corpses can be thrown as soon as the monster dies, so keep an eye on your loot.
  • Some monsters like Trolls now are passive. They won't attack you unless you attack them.
  • Other monsters can have different statistics or attacks than usual ie. Monks can shoot divine missiles, Blood Crabs can attack with bubble beam.
  • All "Winter" monsters are stronger than usual.
  • You will get Blessing of the Fallen (2x exp) after death by monster until you reach experience points you had before death.

    Boosted Creatures

    Every server restart there are going to be 3 boosted and 2 weakened creatures one in each category. Monster in an Extra Loot category can loot 4 additional items in 4 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare
    boosted creatures

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    PvP Changes

     We wanted PvP to be awesome in an old school way! So we bring back pots, but not all. You cannot use Hotkeys while you are Protection Zone Locked. It means that if you want to fight with someone, you have to do it by manually targeting your opponent with runes.

     We know that not everyone likes to PvP and we know, that sometimes fight is unfair. That’s why we are giving you opportunity to use your Hotkeys as long as you won’t hit other players. It means you can safely run away by spamming mana potions and health potions. But be aware, if you hit your opponent with GFB or Spell, you will have to manually target potions and runes.

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     Something nice for paladins. You can put a lot of ammunition in there and don’t have to worry to refill so often.


     Quiver is container with the ability to shoot different kinds of ammunition in row.


    Click here to see full GIF

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    Ancient Rune Emblems

     Just like spells, some runes can also be empowered! There are 2 tier of emblems. Tier 1 is silver emblem and can be learned by every vocation. Golden rune emblems however can be learned only by magic vocations. Each tier give you power burst to your normal rune. Usually silver emblems enhance power by 10% and golden emblems by 20%. There are few exceptions. Area runes like Avalanche gets bigger area on second tier. And there is Animate Dead Rune that was totally reworked.


     Animate Dead rune can now bring back to living (not quite so) 20 different creatures. At once you can control 4 creatures, 5 with silver emblem and 6 with golden emblem. Below we present you table containing monsters that you can possess.

    Monster NameMinimal Magic LevelEmblem Tier
    Blightwalker 100 Golden
    Lost Soul 95 Golden
    Betraied Wraith 90 Golden
    Spectre 85 Golden
    Lich 80 Silver
    Banshee 75 Silver
    Souleater 70 Silver
    Undead Gladiator 65 Silver
    Bonebeast 60 none
    Elder Mummy 55 none
    Pirate Ghost 50 none
    Demon Skeleton 45 none
    Zombie 40 none
    Crypt Shambler 35 none
    Mummy 30 none
    Ghost 25 none
    Ghoul 20 none
    Pirate Skeleton 15 none
    Skeleton Warrior 10 none
    Skeleton 5 none

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    Other changes

    • Runes – they are meant to be created by players. Because of that, most of the more advanced runes are not available at shops and if they are, their prices are much higher than usual.
    • Potions – they are meant to be created alchemist. Because of that potions in shops are much more expensive. Alchemists also can create unique ones
    • potion potion potion potion potion potion potion potion potion
    • Focus on magic level – from now on - wands and rods require the magic level to use them instead of character level
    • Additional Attack Speed - there are items, that can increase or decrease your attack speed
    • Weapons changes – for example, we have changed burst arrow, poison arrow, viper star and ice rapier damage.
    • HP and MP Gain speed – changed formulas to gain HP, MP and Souls
    • No stamina system – like good old times
    • Food – some food can give you bonuses like health or mana
    • Skill Books – gives you option to raise your skill by reading books. You can loot books from monsters
    • book book book book book book
    • Loot channel – separate channel to see your and your party loot
    • Monster changes – many monsters act different than you are used to (ie. Monks can shoot with divine missiles)
    • New monsters – like Poison Dragon
    • Railway system – buy tickets and enjoy the ride
    • Credit Card – gives you ability to pay with your bank account money whenever you want
    • Disintegrate rune – it can disintegrate also ore veins
    • Distilling and sample tubes – use sample tubes on corpses or other fluid sources. If you have enough samples you can transform them in essences. Distilling machine can also change weak alcohol into a strong alcohol.
    • New items – there are tons of new items
    • Old items – rework of items you know
    • Day and night cycle – just for better RPG immersion
    • Market – you can use the market to buy stackable items or quest items. Regular equipment can be bought via Trade Channel like old times
    • Feather pieces – RMB on feather to get feather pieces. They are needed in arrow crafting
    • Blessings – there are 5 blessings (like old times). They prevent of loosing a lot of experience and skills after death. To prevent yourself from loosing equipment you have to use the Amulet of Loose
    • Fishing – fishing is a whole new activity, check Subprofessions section
    • Destroying things – we try to make Trollheim Online world look really alive, so there are plenty occasions to perform some fun actions. Try to destroy things like spider eggs with you weapon or open iron maidens with it. Sometimes you just need to touch something.
    • Enchanted Staff – this item got some modifications. Now it deals physical and energy element damage. On 10 level of spell Enchant Staff it creates a staff that deal true damage (you always hit creature no matter what).

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