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How to start?

This guide is going to help you start your journey in Trollheim Online.

First of all have to Create new Account

After that you can download our client. You should toggle Tibia Classic Control (Options>General) inside client. You should also toggle all Console Options (Options>Console)



First items

When you arrive at Rookgaard you are going to have only Jacket and Club. Check out house near temple, specially wardrobe, maybe there is something more for you. You can also find Wooden shield and Combat knife in sewers under the town.


There are many fruit trees and bushes around Trollheim. Try to harvest fruits (right mouse button on tree), they may have special properties.


In town you can find friendly NPCs. Just say Hi to them. If they are shopkeepers they will trade with you. Just say trade. If you don't know what is NPC profession, just ask about job description.

Many NPC on Rookgaard are going to give you hints. Ask for them.


There are many Quest Chests around the island containing fine loot. You can open chest (right mouse button) only once.

Some NPC may have job for you. Ask about mission.

The Oracle

If you advance to level 8 go talk with The Oracle in the building on the right from Temple. You can travel to the Mainland (recommended) or stay on the island to become Rookslayer.



Currently there are 3 main cities (Oren, Dion, Mineroth) and few smaller ones. In this guide we are going to cover only those 3 cities that you can travel to after conversation with The Oracle. After arrive you are going to get adventurer's map. Use it to get map marks of few low level monster spawns.

You can find Beggars in each of those cities. Ask them about history to get your first spell scrolls and about navigation - they will set some map marks on your minimap.


This is a great place for new Players. Here you can find many low level monster spawns and every NPC you need at the beginning. There are many low level quests around here that may help you start your journey. It is also place where you can start Alchemy (under magic shop) and Huntery (Huntery Camp). At the top of the Giant Dam you can start Lumberjack Subprofession. Grizzly Adams is living nearby in Huntery Camp south of Oren. You can travel to Damak (rails), Mineroth (rails).

  • Alchemy and Huntery
  • Grizzly Adams Paw and Fur Society
  • Druid and Knight Promotion Quests
  • Access to Damak
  • Many low level quests
  • Low level spawns


This is a great place for players that would like to become Blacksmith (under sewers). There is lot of rotworms and other low level creatures underground. There are Paladin (Dion underground) and Sorcerer (Prodigy Tower) priomotion quests here. In Northport (travel from Dion Shipyard) you can become Fisherman. There are many undead creatures on this side of Trollheim. You can travel to Northport and A'leluma Alari.

  • Blacksmithing
  • Paladin and Sorcerer Promotion Quests
  • Shortcuts teleports (after quest)
  • Some low level quests
  • Low level spawns


This is the dwarven city hidden under Verrok and Restless mountain. This is a great place if you wan to become Miner and collect ores. There are lot of Ore Veins here and many many dwarves. It is also great place to start your underwater journey in the Sunken Mines. If you are Premium Account player you can use lift to quickly come to the surface and travel to Northport. You can also use rails to travel to North Oren Valley.

  • Mining
  • Lot of dwarves
  • Underwater monsters

Few crucial things

  • To learn spells you need spell scrolls or buy them from your guild leader NPC. You can loot spell scrolls from monsters. To get spell on higher level you have to cast this spell many times before you will be able to lern it on different level. Go here to learn more.
  • If you die in PvE battle and you are 8 level or higher you are going to loose part of your equipment
  • After you advance to level 20 you can loose your equipment after death from PVP too
  • You can buy blessings to decrease amount of experience and skills you loose after death. Archbishop Bartemleu in Dion may know something more
  • To protect yourself from loosing equipment buy Amulet of Loss (blessings are not working for this in Trollheim Online)
  • It is advised to trade a lot with other players via Trade or Market. Runes and Potions are a lot more expensive at shopkeepers NPC
  • You cannot trade equipment via Market - we are going oldschool, so use Trade Channel
  • There are Training Dummies in each city.

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