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Servant Golem

Health: 100
Experience: 5
Speed like: 1 level (Can use haste)
Summon: Impossible
Convince: Impossible
Immunities: invisible, paralyze
Voices: "Do you think I might become a real boy one day?", "How may I serve you, Sir or Ma'am?", "Washing procedure initiated!", "Can I help you?", "Scan result: dusty human! Cleansing initiated!", "I am listening!", "Awaiting orders!", "Where are we going, Sir or Ma'am?", "How are you, Sir or Ma'am?", "Praise the Yalahari!", "Is that love or do you have a magnet in your pocket?", "Move on! There's nothing to see!", "Do you want to taste a sample of the newest dish?", "I hope I am not annoying, Sir or Ma'am?", "WARNING: BAD HAIRCUT DETECTED! Initializing haircut procedure!", "Warning: This human is extremely handsome!", "Mommy?", "Everything is working as intended!", "Rrrtttarrrttarrrtta"

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