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26 May 2023 -
New client is ready to download. Make sure you are using our latest client, otherwise you may...

New client is ready to download. Make sure you are using our latest client, otherwise you may experience crashes of the client.


25 May 2023 -
Characters were wiped out before Official Launch. You can now create new character.

Characters were wiped out before Official Launch. You can now create new character.

1 May 2023 -
Official Launch - 26th May 2023!

Official Launch - 26th May 2023!

24 Jan 2023 -
There is new link available named Roadmap that shows features and goals of development Trollheim...

There is new link available named Roadmap that shows features and goals of development Trollheim Online

16 Dec 2022 -
During beta Find Person spell (exiva) is available for everyone on level 10 from the begining. You...

During beta Find Person spell (exiva) is available for everyone on level 10 from the begining. You can exiva NPC and monsters with it.

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27.5.2023 -
Trollheim 1.0
Author: GOD Feeltz

Hello Trollheimians!

I would like to thank you for joining our Launch! Below are some changes that were made and came to the Trollheim with yesterdays Launch:

0. Added Anti Tasker System - if you are not familiar with it just type !tasker
1. Added salvage message to Blacksmith - whenever you salvage any equipment you get message with exact materials that you get
2. Changed drops of stone golem, emerald damsefly, behemoth, dark torturer, destroyer, juggernaut, lost berserker, draken warmaster, stone rhino, grim reaper, hunter, poacher
3. Adjusted some Outlaws monsters (BK speed 250->280, defense 40->60; Hero speed 240->280, defense 40->60; Renegade Knight defense 50->70; Vile Grandmaster defense 70->80)
4. Fireball Rune changed to work as hmm but with fire
5. Holy Missile Rune can be used by every vocation
6. Added reward by being online system
7. Changed Occupation and Subprofession free account level cap 30->40
8. Added Damak tools NPC Padam
9. Huntery Skinning and Staking attribute Info now shows not only monsters you can skin each level but also creature products that you get from that.
10. Enchant Bow spell now saves Quality, Level and Enchantment of bow that is made of
11. Turned off some raids for launch
12. Added Force spawn rate command
13. Changed Find Person spell price 80->20
14. Added rune emblems that Enchants your rune power. Using silver rune emblem you enchant your runes dmg by 10%, golden by 20%
15. Animate Dead Rune rework - each usage costs 1 soul, you can animate from dead  up to 4 monsters (6 silver emblem, 8 gold emblme). Every 5 m lvl you can summon more powerfull monsters! (5 Skeleton, 10 Skeleton Warrior, 15 Pirate Skeleton, 20 Ghoul, 25 Ghost, 30 Mummy, 35 Crypt Shambler, 40 Zombie, 45 Demon Skeleton, 50 Pirate Ghost, 55 Elder Mummy, 60 Bonebeast, 65 Undead Gladiator, 70 Souleater, 75 Banshee, 80 Lich, 85 Spectre, 90 Betraider Wraith, 95 Lost Soul, 100 Blightwalker) Last 8 after silver emblem, last 4 after golde emblem.
16. Treasure Hunter subprofession! NPC Indy in Damak. More info soon on the subprofessions subsite

1. Levitate spell now checks if destination SQM has changing floor tilestate (stairs)
2. Tristan spell message
3. Bloodbeast corpse id
4. Fixed banshee speed (200->220)
5. No need of Promotion for Ultimate Potions
6. Quara pincers, troll root as Alchemy materials
7. Dragon Lord Hatchling and Serpents Spawn can be skinned by Hunter
8. Reporting rule violation
9. Sample tube using on fluid container
10. Colors of backpacks ang bags each city
11. Haste Summons spell - now it don't cancel players haste spell
12. Blacksmith now creates empty pot instead of pot with water

Tons of small map fixes, typos and more.

26.5.2023 -
Official Launch 26th May 2023
Author: GOD Feeltz

Welcome to Trollheim Online!

We are Launching 26th May 2023! We are glad that you are with us. All characters from beta tests were erased and Premium Points are now restored! You can now safely create new character.

If you haven't already downloaded the client or registered an account follow this link.


If you are new to Trollheim you should definietly check out our unique page. It contains many features implemented on this server. Occupations and Subprofesions are great addition to classical 4 vocations. For more information about server head to bottom left corner of the navigation panel where you can find Library with all the information you may need.

We would also remind you, that using bots, cheating etc. is strictly prohibited and is going to be punished from day one. For more information follow our rules.

To be always up to date
join our Discord

23.5.2023 -
Beta 2.0 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Added access quest for Poisonous Pillar
  2. Changed access quests for Alzarquak and Oxrok
  3. Rework for exiva - as a preparation for official release. Lvl 7 (finding NPC) Lvl 8 (finding regular Monsters and bosses), Lvl 9 (finding Leaders), Lvl 10 (finding Alphas)
  4. Added NPC Wally
  5. Added Warlock potions to Alchemy
  6. Occupations and subprofessions level capacity for Free Account raised to 30
  7. Adding attributes in occupations are now restricted to LVL/2 (premium) LVL/3 (free acc). So to put 10 points in one attribute you need to be at least on 20th level (premium). It should help with cheesy tactics of puting 100% points in one att and then resetting occupation points to put into another.
  8. Added Markwin trade options (he buys Ornamond Minotaurs loot)
  9. Changed Lumberjack Recipes and weight of wood - you need more wood for recipes, but wood is lighter. Also Training Weapons should be much more useable (500, 2000, 5000 blows before weapon destroys)
  10. Blacksmith crucible rework - smelting ores now takes crucible duration. Changed amount of souls needed for smelting (raised a little)
  11. Blacksmith and Hunter Materials Window now shouws how good item you can craft (for example it shows that you can craft sword with quality from 0 to 9)
  12. Changed algorithm for crafting - Occupation level increases minimal Enchantment (higher level, higher chance for good enchantment in crafted item), minimal item quality now can be -3 - +10 depending on crafting level of blacksmith (or artisan level of hunter) and level needed to craft (more level above needed to craft increases quality tier that can be crafted)
  13. Added eq tooltips on site. It shows description of eq with quality etc. of every player. Relog to see changes
  14. Alchemy - fixed ingredients amount needed for x100 button
  15. Hunter - new recipes for bags and backpacks crafting
  16. Lumberjack exp gaining changes - more exp for harder trees cut, more exp for using better axe - it should encourage players to use better axes
  17. Miner exp gaining changes - more exp for using better pickaxes, more exp for crushing ore vein, changed exp for harder ore veins (ie. Small Hellstone Ore Vein 14 -> 40) - it should encourage players to use better pickaxes
  18. Fisherman - more exp for fishes
  19. Unlocked subprofessions level cap - you can now gain levels without hard 100 lvl cap
  20. Unlocked occupations level cap - you can exp beyond 100 lvl, but amount of bonus exp on advance is reduced above 100 lvl
  21. Occupations - changed level formula. Now it grows exponentially. You should be able to gain level 50 faster but much slower to get level 100 - you need much much more exp. But also amount of exp for every activity changed
  22. Alchemy exp changes - you are going to be much more rewarded for exploring - new discovered ingredients, materials and potions gives you much more exp than before - it is highly recommended to try every material in mortar and also create at least 1 potion of each kind. You will also get more exp from higher tier materials (that needs more knowledge to break into ingredients and that gives more ingredients - if materials gives bone powder and keratin - it will give you more exp than material that gives you only bone powder). You will also get more exp for crafting better potions. Previously you could exp a lot by crafting tons of small potions and throw them away. Or just mortar tons of low tier materials for ingredients just to get exp. This changes should encourage players to craft potions and sell them on the market to get money for ingredients they've invested. With this change I also restored original amount of ingredients that you get from materials.
  23. Blacksmith exp changes - blacksmith should get much much more exp for crafting something for the first time. Also the higher tier item - more exp. Blacksmith also gets more exp for smelting higher tier items. Changes should encourage players to craft more items, to craft lower tier items to get exp not to salvage simplest items for exp and save every material for the highest tier items later. It should also increase value of Miners.
  24. Hunting exp changes - as in previous occupations - more exp for discovering new things. Hunter also no longer gets a lot of exp even if not skin anything. But when he does i gets much more exp (depending on tool level, and creature product level)
  25. Blacksmith recipes now needs 2x more wood
  26. Added Occupations specification on the webpage (better description for new players) for example:
  27. Added Subprofessions charts on the webpage (showing how many Miners, Lumberjacks etc. are on the server)
  28. Added Occupations charts - showing how many players of each occupation are present on Trollheim and state of occupations (if there are enough Hunters or too much Alchemists etc.)
  29. Added Money Lottery
  30. Added 100+ houses (Northport - 100%, A'leluma Alari and surroundings - 100%, Noxdale - 100%, Dion and surroundings - 30%)
  31. Added Premium Features subsite

And probably much more fixes and changes that I forgot to mention

22.5.2023 -
Beta 1.3.2 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Added Postman Quest
  2. Added Vega Island (access from NorthPort)
  3. Added new NPCs: Ruprecht, Kevin, Captain Lenyx, Talphion, Noodles, Markwin
  4. Fixed Leader and Alpha monster matters drop (lowered)
  5. Changed drop multiplier of Alpha monsters 100x=>50x
  6. Reduced weight of blacksmith craft mats - ingots: 10%, wood: 20%
  7. Added flintstone to Valkyrie loot
  8. Fixed Fierce Berserk spell
  9. Fixed Alucard multi teleport spell (now he will not tp to stairs)
  10. Fixed potions (mastermind, bullseye, berserk)
  11. Added Hunter knife sculpting (marble rock and ice cube)
  12. Fixes for fisherman areas
  13. Added summon teleport spell ("utevo res voco" - teleports summon/summons from other levels)
  14. Added summon haste spell ("utani res hur" - from level 6 it gives summon player's speed)
  15. Added big tarantula resp (under Dion, path through Trolls under Dion)
  16. Fixed crystal crossbow additional distance fighting
  17. Few more technical things changed


This is history changelog.

21.5.2023 -
Beta 1.3.1 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Added discord integration (server info and advertisement channel are going to be posted to discord)
  2. Added Stone Rhino Mount
  3. Added Sea Serpents spawn with quest (available from Sailor Outpost)
  4. Fixed drowning script
  5. Changed Young Sea Serpent, Blood Crab and Earth Elemental immunities (to allow Druids to hunt Sea Serpents with Earth Elementals)
  6. Skillbook of shooting master now drops from Deepling Tyrant, Lizard Chosen, Minotaur Amazon
  7. Added Trollheim Lottery - based in Damak (NPC Denice), but you can but tickets in almost all jeweller NPCs
  8. Added Shimmer Swimmer - each weapon grants really nice attributes (ie. Shimmer Wand has +10% magic level). It lasts 24h and you can extend it but using another shimmer swimmer on the weapon. Shimmer Swimmer can be catched by fisherman as a treasure. Application of Shimmer Swimmer are standard like RLTibia (mostly Yelothax loot)
  9. Added water balls - now they work properly
  10. Added Masters Voice Dungeon - with Mad Mage and Servants - clean fungus in dungeon with the slime gobbler to start Servants Raids and Mad Mage at the end. (Servant Sentry is the NPC near entrance, so look for him if you wan't to find this dungeon)
  11. Returned Vuprix NPC to the Trollheim. Now you have to make quests to be able to go to Alzarquak, Oxrok and Vuprix basement
  12. Added golden falcon script - just cosmetics
  13. Added Yielothax Dimenssion - available from Raging Mage Castle, 75% chance that portal is opened each server save.
  14. Added Raging Mage Castle - available from level 40 (only premium players), travel from Sailor Outpost
  15. Added some more hunting grounds, fixed some minor bugs


This is history changelog.

20.5.2023 -
Beta 1.3 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Many sprites were replaced with new ones (especially alchemy ingredients)
  2. Spear of destiny quest fixes
  3. Spear of destiny boss updated spells DMG
  4. Fixes to DHQ
  5. Fixes to Oren Lich quest levers
  6. Fix for client exp boost info (if boost ended on killing creature you should get updated info)
  7. Added Blacksmith occupation outfit addons quests
  8. Added Alchemy occupation outfit addons quests
  9. Added Hunter occupation outfit addons quests
  10. Changes to Blacksmith smelting ingots (all ingots now needs also iron ingot for smelt)
  11. New quest for Flask of Warrior's sweat
  12. Added dissolvent and dye scripts (you can make every piece of cloth white by using dissolvent, or colour white piece of cloth using dyes)
  13. Added 6 chests with part of a rune (combine 6 parts to get rune to tame creature - parts are available, but NPC that can combine you those parts to whole rune is unavailable until next update)
  14. Updated Lugri Necromancers task - now you can hunt also Blood Priests, Shadow Pupils and Blood Hands. Also you only need 2000 kills instead of 4000
  15. Distilling machine rework - use it on material, to transform every item in a backpack (no need to click 1000 times). It is not working for fluid containers - use sample tubes instead. Also now it works only for items in your backpack, not on the ground.
  16. Rework of sample tubes - now working with them should be much more efficient. One use on fluid source can fill up 1-20 tubes. They are much lighter and on distilling machine they are also returned to your backpack (amount of sample tubes minus amount of essences bottles)
  17. Alchemy ingredients and materials changes - added dragons blood, many materials now gives essences instead of sample tubes, venom is much easier to obtain, added rhino horn and rhino hide, removed dissolvent as an ingredient
  18. Alchemy potions recipes changes - higher tier calm minded potions should be more accessible (ie. Ultimate version needs 1 venom instead of 5), health potions needs ptoamine, cognition potions needs dragons blood and much more.
  19. Huntery skinning and staking - added new monsters: Elder Wyrm, Crystalcrusher, Armadile, Wiggler, Stone Rhino, Poison Dragon, Undead gladiator, Lich
  20. Changes in skinning/staking - around 100 changes (too much to list, basically I want some creature products to be more obtainable)
  21. Changes in Huntery tanning (piece of cloths generate more thread)
  22. Scarring potions and calm minded potions level requirements are lowered


This is history changelog.

19.5.2023 -
Beta 1.2.1 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Fixed Challenge spell (exeta res)
  2. Added Arch Vampire Outfit quest
  3. Added Spear of Destiny quest - 3rd tier wooden stake (maybe Huntard will know something about it.). It can be completed by any Occupation (contains more rewards)
  4. Added Oxrok (90 lvl) quest
  5. Added Squalid Cathedral passage quest
  6. Added Tarvar NPC
  7. Fixed Temple of Hollow Quest (it was possible to block quest execution if executed many times in a row)
  8. Added Koshei amulet quest (beware, Koshei The Dethless gained a lot of power since you last seen him. Prepare a team to hunt him down. Check his details on the web page.)
  9. Added Incredibly Old Witch (she has 50% to spawn each server restart, she is needed for Donkey and Terror Bird mount)
  10. Sulphurous Stone may give sulphur on break
  11. Added new raids (Vampire Lords, Grimleech, Vexclaw, Orshabaal)
  12. Added new huntery staking creatures
  13. Added new alchemy mortar recipes
  14. Fixed clay lump script
  15. Updated potions (scarring potions grants more health every tick, calm minded potion grants more mana every tick)
  16. Some items may have +% to max mana or +% to max hp
  17. Added 7 more quest chests
  18. Added Asuras spawn in Oxrok
  19. Changed Oxrok access quest (5 mystical hourglass instead of 10)
  20. Fixed or changed some monsters spells (ie. Warlock skill reducer, Elder Bonelord paralyze, etc.)
  21. Updated distance weapons


This is history changelog.

18.5.2023 -
Beta 1.2 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Updated  some Hunter taming items recipes
  2. Added new monsters to skinning and staking, changed some chances for some creature products
  3. Added new alchemy mortar materials, changed some materials ingredients (ie. wyrm scale gives also keratin, brimstone fangs gives venom, dowser gives fitohormone..)
  4. All Annihilator items gets new attributes (except present box)
  5. All Demon items gets new attributes
  6. Added new Demir's carpet destination - Stanford Villa (you need nobleman outfit to pass door)
  7. All current major instant transport can be accessed by Free Account players (part of changing free/premium account benefits)
  8. Added Raft Transport System - use tokens to transport around Trollheim to previously visited rafts (find npc Zuza that is maintainer of rafts)
  9. Boosted creatures changes (removed some monsters like frogs, sheeps, cats etc.)
  10. Changed Necropharus power
  11. Added outfit and mount packages system to the game (find out more at ‚Ā†hints-and-tutorials soon)
  12. Changed Demon Spawn on path to DHQ
  13. Fixed raid token messages
  14. Added Subprofessions Highscore
  15. Reworked Corym spawn under Junkyard
  16. Additional area in south-west Damak is now open - only exp area without quests
  17. Fixed buying cheap mushroom and selling sulphur to yasir
  18. Added new spawn - Lizards in Damak
  19. Added skillbooks message  - when you try use it it will show skill required to use
  20. Magic skillbooks changed skil req - Basic(30-59), Advanced (60-89), Master (90-120)
  21. Added renting horse for 7 days option
  22. Fixed Grizzly Adams trade system
  23. FIxed Grizzly Adams and Lugri tasks
  24. Fixed not showing m lvl required for wands and rods
  25. Added wand of vortex and snakebite rod quest


This is history changelog.

17.5.2023 -
Beta 1.1.2 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Added Occupation to Highscores on the website
  2. Added timeout on catching float when it is not underwater (Tasker abusers)
  3. Updated some potions recipes (Essence Potions, Potion of Stamina, Enlighten Potion)
  4. Updated Cognition potions amount of additional Exp (2->5%, 5->10%, 10->20%)
  5. Added Leader Coins as a currency to pass from Damak to Noxdale
  6. Changed price of sample tube
  7. Added new Alchemy materials (goat grass, orange star, swampling moss, powder herb, piece of swampling wood, dowser, fir cone)
  8. Heavy shovel have now greater chance to dig up hole (to prevent further digging on same tile). Also fixed duration of hole disappearing
  9. Fixed levitation level 1 spell mana (50->60) and timeout (2s->5s)
  10. Alchemy vials crafting - removed x1 button and added x50 button
  11. Updated Paladin spells (ethereal spear and strong ethereal spear). It should now work much better - revisited algorithm
  12. Added new Ore Wagon Rails - Oren Depot to Oren Rails Engine (both ways) - available after Wren's quest
  13. TP from banshee/bog raiders temple (Green Wetlands) now transports you to the hill near Oren instead of backtrack to Amazon Camp
  14. Added lot of signs where area is not yet available
  15. Fixed that some items (ie. Hat of the Mad) was not showing "special skills" like mana leech
  16. Fixed some places where you could not pass your items via ground tile or TP (ie. Temple of Hollow black tp, Mineroth Entrance from Dion site)
  17. Added Server Info channel - All messages from Trollheim hints, Raids and spawn of Leader and Alpha creatures are going to be displayed there. Also all broadcast should also go there too
  18. Premium Account is no longer required for Occupations and Subprofessions up to level 20 (of occupation or subprofession) so everybody can check it without time limit. Expect further changes in premium system in future to be more friendly for players.
  19. You now need leader coins and money to buy occupation attributes reset - I want this option to be available but not abused. Currently people don't think what att they should add because they are just resetting it over and over.
  20. Other small fixes


This is history changelog.

16.5.2023 -
Beta 1.1.1 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Fixed spellbooks - now they should show exact amount of mana needed on every level
  2. Fixed some corpses to act as fluid source
  3. Fixed Wiggler invisible wave
  4. Deleted pick selling from NPC
  5. Fixed Oren Trolls lever (sometimes the stone went underground instead of covering the hole)
  6. Changed NPC speaking on default timeout 10sec->60sec
  7. Fixed some corpses were not moveable
  8. Fixed some items additional attributes
  9. Added Lothar NPC
  10. Fixed many tipos
  11. Fixed ability to rope NPC
  12. Fixed prioritising removing eq from bp instead of eq slots
  13. Fixed many map bugs
  14. Fixed demonic blood script
  15. Fixed showing item description on trade
  16. Fixed Briasol bank
  17. Changed Stalker invisibility chance and duration
  18. Changed algorithms of Ethereal Spear and Strong Ethereal Spear
  19. Many magic professions items like wands, robes, spellbooks have now more attributes (show increase power of Magic Vocatinos)
  20. Fixed price of drill bolt - it was the only ammunition that the price was not increased previously
  21. Fixed 2 bugs in paladin promotions trail areas
  22. Added next shortcut in Oren (boat near oren rails entrance - just click the paddle)
  23. Poison Dragon updated attacks and loot
  24. Slightly reduced amount of LMM conjuring
  25. Fixed some more bugs


This is history changelog.

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