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7.10.2023 -
Trollheim 1.2
Author: GOD Feeltz
  1. New character list
  2. Changed loot of: Fleshcrawler, Dark Torturer, Enlighten of the Cult, Monk, Dark Monk, Crazed Beggar, Crypt Defiler, Smuggler, Thief (some item icons may not be displayed properly yet)
  3. Fixed firebug usage
  4. NPC Willy can be asked about book
  5. NPC Phillip new quest
  6. Fix for stone of insight
  7. Changes to Mimics melee damage
  8. Added new message when you advance to level 10 about occupations
  9. Added new NPCs: Gemma, Jean, Kurt, Dorothy, Miyagi
  10. Changes the exp amount for TH that gets from Chests (lowered first 3 chests, increased last 4 chests exp)
  11. Increased duration and range of Light spells
  12. Changed some details about Brutal Magic Troll from Master Sorcerer trial
  13. Fixed some typos
  14. Added Foraging Book (reworked whole foraging system to be more configurable, easier to tweak and change)
  15. Reworked Fisherman Subprofession
    • Fisherman License display new statistics
    • Added Fisherman book
    • Added logs for every fish and treasure you find (so I can later on balance it a bit more)
    • You can now see on what water are you fishing (name of it)
    • Fixed bug when you could fill the treasure chest with items when it was closed
    • Reworked the whole treasure chests system - you will be able to get treasure much faster, but with less stuff inside
    • Added 50+ new unique fishing spots
    • reconfigured some spots in terms of treasures and fish spices
  16. Mimics are not blocked by field bombs
  17. Fix to maaaany typos
  18. Increased size of a depot locker
  19. Checked almost 10 000 items with the original TFS repo and other distro to fix some "Item of type xxxx" things
  20. Fix for Demona shortcut
  21. Zarabustor was boosted - throw spells much faster
  22. Fix that removes potion before adding vial to player (this change was not tested enough, so it may cause some troubles, please report any problems with potions)
  23. Occupation masters will now tell correctly about level you need to start occupation quest
  24. NPC Shiriel buys flasks
  25. Lumberjack, Miner and Fisherman can not use their tools in PZ to prevent spawning monsters in PZ.
  26. Changed amount of exp that TH gets from chests (lowered first 3 chests, increased last 4 chests)
  27. Fixed TH gaining exp from chest above his subprofession level
  28. Lowered materials crafting consumption by some ammunition recipes
  29. Fixed Precision Attr description in Alchemy occupation Window
  30. Slime corpse can now be destroyed by Destroy Field
  31. Description of Rashid location is more precise
  32. Changed some quests msgs
  33. Rust Remover now gives more feedback about its effect
  34. Fixed some holes (players could not use rope on them)
  35. Fixed mutated tiger corpse
  36. Fixed some cups - you can now normal put fluids inside
  37. Fixed Dragon Scale Helmet attributes bonus
  38. Fix for counting items mortared by Alchemist
  39. Fixed Occupation info about how much experience left for the next level
  40. Lurebox will now inform that it can be used only inside players backpack
  41. Fixed impossibility to send money to rookgaard (if player is online, before it worked only when player was offline)
  42. You can no longer send parcels to rookgaard (players don't have an access to inbox, but you could send them parcel that went to void)
  43. Some fixes in baking (bread, cake, etc.)
  44. House rent now checks if player have premium account
  45. Berserk, Mastermind and Bullseye potion now stacks with other bonuses, don't disable spell bonuses like on RL Tibia
  46. Added Dye Powders (not accessible yet)
  47. Smelting now gives different amount of exp based on materials
  48. Some party fixes and increased code abilities in therms of party
  49. xxx map fixes
  50. Added task sharing feature (up to 4 players can gain task kill, in party players will have to have shared experience to count). It works only for Adams tasks and Rook tasks. Tasks for money like King Orenus or Macey are excluded from this feature.

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