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1.9.2023 -
Trollheim 1.1
Author: GOD Feeltz

With this update we switch completely to the new client. It is now available as the default one from the Download section. However the old one is still available to play for the next couple of weeks. It will be turned off soon, but you can expect that I will announce that.

  1. Added Subprofessions window to the Client
  2. Added Occupations window to the Client
  3. Quest tracker now saves it's position after restart of the client
  4. There is a limit of quests tracked set to 10
  5. Added "remove mission" to the quest tracker (RMB)
  6. Removed Fishing from Skills window
  7. Deleted option "equip" on hotkeys
  8. Added Spellbook feature - 3 there are 3 types of spellbooks: Basic (you can see only learned spells), Advanced (you can see spells on all levels of your vocation), Master (you can see all spells). Better spellbooks have higher tier of showing spells.
  9. Deleted option to choose "default" client
  10. Fixed ambient light option in the client
  11. Extended text window for better visibility of recipes etc.
  12. Added Rule Violation reports
  13. Minimap "center" button now centers also player's current floor
  14. Questlog supports arrows clicking
  15. Same for hotkeys
  16. Faster navigation on the minimap (CTRL + ALT + <Arrow>)
  17. Skill window can be now properly resized
  18. Critical chance etc. now highlight on green correctly
  19. Fixed some Actionbar errors
  20. Added search option for spellbooks
  21. Firewalker boots duration is extended 1h->2h
  22. Custom spells like Teleport Summon now have correct spellid (so cooldown for spell and runes now works correctly)
  23. Changed colors and light levels of Day'n'Night cycles
  24. Some change to Demona quest
  25. Fix for Vincent NPC (highlight keyword 'trade')
  26. You can now use pick on blood stains (and other splashes)
  27. Added Scarf for tanning
  28. Fixed some map bugs
  29. Added ability to parse XML files in LUA scripts (engine development)
  30. Found a way to fix some other bugs (thank you people from Twitch stream!)


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