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21.8.2023 -
Trollheim 1.0.11
Author: GOD Feeltz

I hope you enjoyed last Demona update. And I hope you found the shortcut! Lately i focused more on QoL improvements and visual aspects of the Trollheim. I also made many more tweaks and changes:


  1. Boss bar - every time you face powerful monster, you will get Bar at the center of your game window
  2. Potions indicators - now at the top left of the game screen you will see how long the potion will last
  3. Added Forager to subprofessions and highscores
  4. Added Balance to highscores
  5. Fixed display of patrons information on site
  6. Changed modal windows buttons order (occupation window, world board etc.) - now as we are switching to new client
  7. Bird nest have 50% to give 2 items instead of 1
  8. Added NPC Aldo
  9. Added NPC Jojne
  10. Added counters for crafted items in occupations (you will no longer need to remember which items you already crafted with bonus exp)
  11. Added restriction for potions crafting - can not craft potion with only 1 ingredient inside the bowl
  12. Cancel Invisibility spell has now bigger area on higher levels
  13. Added stone of insight script
  14. Added NPC Trimegis
  15. Added Elementalist outfit quest
  16. Added slime mould to alchemy materials
  17. Added Zarabustor raid - also changed loot and behaviour
  18. Spawning monsters from spider eggs, sarcophagus etc. now depends on Forager level - low levels don't have to fear of spawning Spectre
  19. Fix for Lumberjack spawning monsters
  20. Changes in Treasure Hunter rewards - some items can now be found more often then others
  21. Added outfit for Patrons
  22. Added heavy quiver recipe for Hunters
  23. Mimics will no longer show loot message
  24. Added animation for Subprofessions
  25. Added low level facilities as Buffs - player will now see buff on screen when he is not able to loose eq
  26. Added new events to save eq to display on site (to fix mismatch between game and site)
  27. Extend death list to 10 rows
  28. Improved monsters behaviour - ranged monsters will turn to enemy less frequently, so they will be harder to catch
  29. Lumberjack can craft staff
  30. Fix for resetting abilities (there was a bug when active item like firewalker boots effect ended, and you replaced them with new firewalker boots - they wouldn't work, you had to deequip them and equip again)
  31. Added onIdventoryUpdate event - for future Development of Jeweler and Custom item attributes upgrade
  32. Fixed simple arrows abuse - you can no longer equip simple arrows if you don't have bow type of weapon equipped (you can not get attack speed bonus until you have proper way to use simple arrows)

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