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12.8.2023 -
Demona update
Author: GOD Feeltz
  1. New area with quest - lvl 80 needed. It may be really long so prepare for it. It's more riddle than challenge. More info at the end of the post
  2. Lumberjack has increased chance to find bird nest and creatures on the trees
  3. New raids of pigeons - Oren and Dion
  4. Pigeons and seagulls now drop feather pieces - they can be skinned now as well
  5. Orshabaal health change 20500 -> 25000
  6. Stone Devourer - changes in speed, armor, resists
  7. Trap monsters like Deathslicer can no longer spawn as leader or alpha
  8. Blacksmith female outfit should be now normally obtainable

Greedy dwarves always dig deep and ruthlessly. One time they dug up to the Minotaur Labirynth. Minotaurs escaped and set up settlement near Verrock. The entrance is now buried and forgotten.
There is a legend about powerful sorcerers that were exploring secrets of a dark magic. To prevent from nosy humans they've created the Great Maze. Unfortunately long time ago this place were taken by the dark forces and now it is called Demona!

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