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1.8.2023 -
Subprofessions update
Author: GOD Feeltz

New update has been uploaded to the server recently. In this update I focused on Subprofessions and early stage of the game, especially on new players experience. For example Occupation can now be started at level 10!.


  1. Crashing vein of ore (looted item) gives now random from 1-3 of random ore (1 previously)
  2. You can get gold ore and shining stone from mining Large Vein (2x chance) and Small Vein (previously was only from large vein)
  3. Sulphurus stone on crash have 40% to give you 1-2 sulphur (was 15% for 1-5 sulphur)
  4. Gold ore now gives 1-5 gold chip (1-3 previously)
  5. Ore Veins spawns is doubled (2 times per hour -> 4 times per hour)
  6. Crushing Gold Ore, Vein of Ore, Sulphurus Stone, Shining Stone now reduces durability of pick. Every of mentioned items has it's own requirement of pick tier, so you will not be able to crush Shining Stone with basic pick.



  1. Lumberjack can now get bird nest upon cutting down a tree. Bird nest contains some more and less useful items, but should boost profitability of Lumberjack
  2. There is a possibility find monster in the trees. There are many monsters that can be found, the higher level of the Lumberjack, the stronger/rarer monsters.
  3. Added Simple Arrows to crafting - they are like training weapon, but for Paladins. They grant +0.8 s faster attack speed and have only 5% chance to brake, so 100 arrows should last for around 2000 shots.
  4. Added ability to cut some monster corpses with axe - Swampling, Woodling, Leaf Golem, Wilting Leaf Golem, Haunted Treeling (it works similar to Hunter's skinning)
  5. Increased prices in Axell's shop for buying wood (it should induce people to buy wood from Lumberjacks instead of NPC)
  6. Added haunted piece of wood for sale to Axell's shop
  7. Added more loot to Swampling
  8. Lumberjack Materials window in crafting now shows attributes that item can get during crafting
  9. Doubled min amount of feather pieces from feathers



  1. New Subprofession available for everyone, is not counted to the subprofessions limit. Subprofession get half experience on advance comparing to other subprofessions. It was made especially for new players to let them know that there are other ways to gain exp than hunting monsters. It is also the only subprofession that is available on Rookgaard.
  2. Gaining Foraging experience is easy. Following activities are from now considered as foraging: gathering fruits (blueberry bush, palm tree, etc.), opening spider egg, sarcophagus, iron maiden, hydra egg, sleeping skeleton, catching butterflies, digging in the sand (only mainland), filling sample tubes and others.
  3. Sleeping skeleton, Iron Maiden, Sarcophagus can now contain same small treasures like gold coins. Spider eggs and hydra eggs can contain slime.
  4. Iron Maiden and Sarcophagus can now spawn powerful monsters (but it is as rare as Giant Spider from spider egg)
  5. There is a chance to break shovel on digging in sand (0.01%)



  1. Lumberjack now craft wooden stake out of Hard Wood (was Strange Wood)
  2. Wilting Leaf Golem is now undead type instead of blood (is not leaving blood splash on death)
  3. Fixed Silver Mace salvage recipe
  4. Fixes for some weapons (on destroy script)
  5. Added Marrow to Alchemy Ingredients script
  6. Spider corpse is now slime source again
  7. Wasp that is summoned can not be caught to the jar
  8. Fixed some more map bugs

On top of that I made change to the targeting on Battle List. Now you can target players on battle list unless you are in PZ lock state. So you can heal your friends on target them with offensive runes if you are in party, but in PvP after initial hit it is no longer possible to target on battle list.


See you in game!


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