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26.7.2023 -
2 months of Trollheim Online
Author: GOD Feeltz

Hello Trollheimians!

It's 26 of July, 2 months after the launch of the Trollheim Online!
Since last bug fixing announcement I managed to resolve 293 bug reports (I count only valid reports) and rewarded you with 13500 premium points!
What gives us whooping 424 valid bug reports resolved and 24935 premium points!

I have also read all of your answers from ‚Ā†discord polls and I am now trying to work on Trollheim with your feedback in mind.
Also I would like to thank you for all love and all criticism you've given me in this poll <3

Below some of the last changes:

Client changes:

  1. Changed color of creatures in battle list (was dark grey, it's much ligher now)
  2. Changed colors of some lists to match previous client (light background with dark highlight -> dark background to light highlight)
  3. Fixed flag icon on the minimap (it was green up arrow before)

Changes to the game:

  1. Changed some houses beds places (to be more accessable)
  2. Changed 2 houses names
  3. Fix for rift crossbow (now correctly uses it's attribute)
  4. Changed Fireball spell level requirement (27->22)
  5. Fixed engine code that may cause potential crash
  6. Small change in description of spell scrolls
  7. Summon Creature spell level requirement changed on all levels of spell to 12
  8. Fixed some "Item of type xxxx" items
  9. Fixed spider corpse - now after skinning correctly changes sprite
  10. Fixed tons of typos
  11. Fixed George NPC that could give bottle infinite amount of time if player not left conversation
  12. Changes and fixed some Quest Log msgs.
  13. Fixed Waraxe salvage recipe
  14. Fix for empty spell scrolls -> Try to use them to wrap and unwrap again
  15. Fixed sleeping skeleton script (caused errors sometimes)
  16. NPC that sells fluids (ie. mug of water) now correctly names the ware
  17. Fixed Nomard corpse
  18. Added new items to Yasir
  19. Fixed Energy Field rune level 5 spell scroll
  20. Fixed Iron Axe Cast crucible duration
  21. Added description to the custom potions (thanks to @Smietankowy Modzio)
  22. Removed some unused dialogs and added some others to NPCs
  23. Fixed Gold Converter (sometimes may take charge on failed attempt to change money)
  24. Fixed Braindeath and Furious Troll corpses to be moveable
  25. Added Hydra tongue to the George Finch
  26. Changes some prices in George Finch shop
  27. Fixed Arrow and Mayor Lewis message on 9th task.
  28. Changed recipe for leather whip
  29. Little Corym corps leaves blood
  30. Added every weapon to the destroy script
  31. Barbarian Headsplitter now drops basic shooting book instead of advanced
  32. Fixed Lugri necromancer quest (contact me if it won't work for someone that already started second task)
  33. Some changes to squirrels
  34. Fixed some wrongly displayed items on the market
  35. Fixed hundreds of map glitches (mostly "grass on mushroom", "grass on tree", "grass on flower" etc.)

There were also many more small fixes too:

Alchemy, NPC Map marks, Treasure Hunter, Fisherman, Map etc.




See you in game!


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