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12.6.2023 -
Trollheim updates up to 1.0.5
Author: GOD Feeltz

Hello Trollheimians!

In a last few days we had a lot of patches and updates. If you want to be always up to date please join our Discord. Here I am listing all those changes and fixes:

  1. Fixed some Miner Ore Vein spawns (4 spawns coordinates were set to wrong position and veins respawned in different location than should)
  2. Fix for Blacksmith smelting - there was bug with soul cost, it was always +1 than it showed in the window
  3. Changed amounts of Smelting mats (Iron Ingot: 6->5 piece of iron, Iron Ingot 4->3 Iron Ore)
  4. Fix for collecting blood from Coryms
  5. Fix for loosing speed after rail wagons trip (if used speed potion or haste spell during ride)
  6. Fix for not showing progress of Magic Level training on login after training in bed
  7. Fix for rented horse - script is checking every 20 minutes if you should end your rental, now it is also checking on login
  8. Fix for equipping wands and rods - now only matching vocations can equip
  9. Fix for Kevin dialog in Postman Quest - now he refers correct NPCs
  10. Increased amount of Iron Ore Veins spawn all over the map by 60%
  11. Fix for spawning items every 1,5h (key in Horned Fort will spawn correctly)
  12. Markwin will buy orichalcum pearls
  13. Fixed some raid messages
  14. Fixed TH chests spawn (they will no longer spawn on tiles that are BLOCKSOLID like ore veins, stone or tree)
  15. Fixed bank NPCs - they will now correctly change gold etc.
  16. Slime corpse now inflict poison (similar to old Tibia, but corpse will last only 60 sec)
  17. Fixed mortar ingredients rounding on use (in some cases it was better option to use mortar on single material 100 times, than one time on stack of 100 materials, now it is fixed)
  18. Fix for skinning Quaras
  19. Removed information about beta version of Trollheim from hints
  20. Changes in Recovery, Intense Recovery and Heal Party spells (should work better when leveling up)
  21. Updated Mimics
  22. Fixed 20+ typos
  23. Fixed House that had no door to part of it
  24. Fixed some map visual glitches
  25. Added 70 houses (Oren and Damak)
  26. Fix for Ore Veins spawn in Oren Trainers
  27. Fixed fishing license (now it should show proper amount of exp - I hope ^^)
  28. Fixed skinning of Young Sea Serpent
  29. Fixed some NPC typos
  30. Fixed Treasure Hunter Mimics Magic Walls spawn over stairs
  31. Fix for promotion paper message (when player don't have premium account)
  32. Fixed War Wolves raid communicate
  33. You can no longer push other creatures on stairs and holes
  34. Fixed Mineroth Depot protection Zone
  35. Premium is no longer needed for creating Market Offers


I wan also let you know that new Client based on OTC is coming and soon some of you will be able to test it :)

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