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6.6.2023 -
Trollheim 1.0.2
Author: GOD Feeltz

Next patch available today:

  1. Updated path finding algorithm (players should avoid fire fields and other fields on autowalk)
  2. Fixed issue when item charged with small enchanted gem loose Quality, Level and Enchantment on transform back to normal state
  3. Fixed shockwave amulet (and other) - now display attributes properly
  4. Retro Outfits no longer needs Premium Account
  5. Added more holes to rope script
  6. Changed the price of the backpacks (20gp->80gp)
  7. Fix for mobile crucible (now decays after relog)
  8. Changed recipe for skinning knife
  9. Changed skinning tool level for War Wolf, Orc Raider and Orc Marauder
  10. Fix for display message when item is too light to be distilled
  11. Fixed some "item of type" items names
  12. Fixed 20+ typos

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