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4.6.2023 -
Trollheim 1.0.1
Author: GOD Feeltz

Hello everyone!

It's been one week since we had Official Launch!
I closed over 120 bug report tickets (around 40% were real issues)
I would like to present what has been patched or changed in this previous week:

  1. Deer got his loot increased for antlers (0.9%->2.5%)
  2. Fixed NPC Lissa -> She will not spawn as monster
  3. Fixed NPC Zoltar -> He will correctly sell Sorcerer Spells
  4. Some typos in NPC messages
  5. Fixes to the map (mostly visual like borders, corners, etc.)
  6. Fixed Hunter Occupation quest - Huntard asked for different quiver than he should
  7. Fixed bug with logging off (this bug was present 36 minutes after server save)
  8. Added 25 new houses to Dion and Mineroth
  9. Added new NPC on Rookgaard - Gefon
  10. Fixed rook citizen outfit quest (NPC asked only once about mission and then never answered if we asked him again - so it was annoying if we didn't start the quest at first time)
  11. Fix for showing item descriptions on the website (it should now be much more accurate)
  12. Fix for store inbox containers - they are now delivered to the backpack instead of store inbox
  13. Fixed "-1" reset point in occupations
  14. Modified Treasure Hunter mimics
  15. Added 300 new locations for spawning Treasure Hunter chests
  16. Added new information about Rune Emblems:
  17. Added new information about Treasure Hunter subprofession:
  18. Fixed display of the Elf Overseer on webpage
  19. Added new Highscores for rookstayers
  20. Fix for Occupations adding points (tweaked algorithm a little to start easier)
  21. Fixed bug that may cause item deletion on items that laid on magic doors (in some special conditions)
  22. Fixed description of container with special attributes - now they show volume properly
  23. Fixed some monsters skinning items
  24. Fix for sentinel shield - properly adding distance fighting
  25. Added 29 new Fisherman unique areas. So now waters around Oren, Damak, Noxdale, Vega, Raging Mage Castle, Sailor Outpost and Sea Serpent Waters have unique configuration of fish and treasures. In the next update I will try to finish Dion and Mineroth part of map to also have unique places. For now, I would recommend trying fishing in the places I mentioned here.
  26. Added Young Troll to hunter skinning
  27. Added Furious Troll to hunter skinning
  28. Changed corpses of Trolls
  29. Deleted unused troll monster
  30. Added shop to NPC Togrek (rookgaard - buying loot, selling training dummies)
  31. Fixed stacking traps
  32. Fixed traps usage in PZ (traps in PZ could deal damage)
  33. Fixed Huntard msgs about Vampires (now he talks about Orcs and want you to bring him orc teeth)
  34. Deleted manacost to Training Dummy
  35. Fixed crypt shambler skinning
  36. CHanged Trollheim Hints message
  37. Turned on all raids
  38. Fixed some raid message
  39. Added Fern to Alchemy Materials
  40. Added 25 new houses in Damak
  41. Fixed 50+ map bugs

Plus many more small bugs not worth to mention.


I am glad to hear that you really like systems on Trollheim and overall vibe of the server!

See you in game!

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