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27.5.2023 -
Trollheim 1.0
Author: GOD Feeltz

Hello Trollheimians!

I would like to thank you for joining our Launch! Below are some changes that were made and came to the Trollheim with yesterdays Launch:

0. Added Anti Tasker System - if you are not familiar with it just type !tasker
1. Added salvage message to Blacksmith - whenever you salvage any equipment you get message with exact materials that you get
2. Changed drops of stone golem, emerald damselfly, behemoth, dark torturer, destroyer, juggernaut, lost berserker, draken warmaster, stone rhino, grim reaper, hunter, poacher
3. Adjusted some Outlaws monsters (BK speed 250->280, defense 40->60; Hero speed 240->280, defense 40->60; Renegade Knight defense 50->70; Vile Grandmaster defense 70->80)
4. Fireball Rune changed to work as hmm but with fire
5. Holy Missile Rune can be used by every vocation
6. Added reward by being online system
7. Changed Occupation and Subprofession free account level cap 30->40
8. Added Damak tools NPC Padam
9. Huntery Skinning and Staking attribute Info now shows not only monsters you can skin each level but also creature products that you get from that.
10. Enchant Bow spell now saves Quality, Level and Enchantment of bow that is made of
11. Turned off some raids for launch
12. Added Force spawn rate command
13. Changed Find Person spell price 80->20
14. Added rune emblems that Enchants your rune power. Using silver rune emblem you enchant your runes dmg by 10%, golden by 20%
15. Animate Dead Rune rework - each usage costs 1 soul, you can animate from dead  up to 4 monsters (6 silver emblem, 8 gold emblem). Every 5 m lvl you can summon more powerful monsters! (5 Skeleton, 10 Skeleton Warrior, 15 Pirate Skeleton, 20 Ghoul, 25 Ghost, 30 Mummy, 35 Crypt Shambler, 40 Zombie, 45 Demon Skeleton, 50 Pirate Ghost, 55 Elder Mummy, 60 Bonebeast, 65 Undead Gladiator, 70 Souleater, 75 Banshee, 80 Lich, 85 Spectre, 90 Betraider Wraith, 95 Lost Soul, 100 Blightwalker) Last 8 after silver emblem, last 4 after golden emblem.
16. Treasure Hunter subprofession! NPC Indy in Damak. More info soon on the subprofessions subsite

1. Levitate spell now checks if destination SQM has changing floor tilestate (stairs)
2. Tristan spell message
3. Bloodbeast corpse id
4. Fixed banshee speed (200->220)
5. No need of Promotion for Ultimate Potions
6. Quara pincers, troll root as Alchemy materials
7. Dragon Lord Hatchling and Serpents Spawn can be skinned by Hunter
8. Reporting rule violation
9. Sample tube using on fluid container
10. Colors of backpacks ang bags each city
11. Haste Summons spell - now it doesn't cancel players haste spell
12. Blacksmith now creates empty pot instead of pot with water

Tons of small map fixes, typos and more.

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