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23.5.2023 -
Beta 2.0 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Added access quest for Poisonous Pillar
  2. Changed access quests for Alzarquak and Oxrok
  3. Rework for exiva - as a preparation for official release. Lvl 7 (finding NPC) Lvl 8 (finding regular Monsters and bosses), Lvl 9 (finding Leaders), Lvl 10 (finding Alphas)
  4. Added NPC Wally
  5. Added Warlock potions to Alchemy
  6. Occupations and subprofessions level capacity for Free Account raised to 30
  7. Adding attributes in occupations are now restricted to LVL/2 (premium) LVL/3 (free acc). So to put 10 points in one attribute you need to be at least on 20th level (premium). It should help with cheesy tactics of puting 100% points in one att and then resetting occupation points to put into another.
  8. Added Markwin trade options (he buys Ornamond Minotaurs loot)
  9. Changed Lumberjack Recipes and weight of wood - you need more wood for recipes, but wood is lighter. Also Training Weapons should be much more useable (500, 2000, 5000 blows before weapon destroys)
  10. Blacksmith crucible rework - smelting ores now takes crucible duration. Changed amount of souls needed for smelting (raised a little)
  11. Blacksmith and Hunter Materials Window now shouws how good item you can craft (for example it shows that you can craft sword with quality from 0 to 9)
  12. Changed algorithm for crafting - Occupation level increases minimal Enchantment (higher level, higher chance for good enchantment in crafted item), minimal item quality now can be -3 - +10 depending on crafting level of blacksmith (or artisan level of hunter) and level needed to craft (more level above needed to craft increases quality tier that can be crafted)
  13. Added eq tooltips on site. It shows description of eq with quality etc. of every player. Relog to see changes
  14. Alchemy - fixed ingredients amount needed for x100 button
  15. Hunter - new recipes for bags and backpacks crafting
  16. Lumberjack exp gaining changes - more exp for harder trees cut, more exp for using better axe - it should encourage players to use better axes
  17. Miner exp gaining changes - more exp for using better pickaxes, more exp for crushing ore vein, changed exp for harder ore veins (ie. Small Hellstone Ore Vein 14 -> 40) - it should encourage players to use better pickaxes
  18. Fisherman - more exp for fishes
  19. Unlocked subprofessions level cap - you can now gain levels without hard 100 lvl cap
  20. Unlocked occupations level cap - you can exp beyond 100 lvl, but amount of bonus exp on advance is reduced above 100 lvl
  21. Occupations - changed level formula. Now it grows exponentially. You should be able to gain level 50 faster but much slower to get level 100 - you need much much more exp. But also amount of exp for every activity changed
  22. Alchemy exp changes - you are going to be much more rewarded for exploring - new discovered ingredients, materials and potions gives you much more exp than before - it is highly recommended to try every material in mortar and also create at least 1 potion of each kind. You will also get more exp from higher tier materials (that needs more knowledge to break into ingredients and that gives more ingredients - if materials gives bone powder and keratin - it will give you more exp than material that gives you only bone powder). You will also get more exp for crafting better potions. Previously you could exp a lot by crafting tons of small potions and throw them away. Or just mortar tons of low tier materials for ingredients just to get exp. This changes should encourage players to craft potions and sell them on the market to get money for ingredients they've invested. With this change I also restored original amount of ingredients that you get from materials.
  23. Blacksmith exp changes - blacksmith should get much much more exp for crafting something for the first time. Also the higher tier item - more exp. Blacksmith also gets more exp for smelting higher tier items. Changes should encourage players to craft more items, to craft lower tier items to get exp not to salvage simplest items for exp and save every material for the highest tier items later. It should also increase value of Miners.
  24. Hunting exp changes - as in previous occupations - more exp for discovering new things. Hunter also no longer gets a lot of exp even if not skin anything. But when he does i gets much more exp (depending on tool level, and creature product level)
  25. Blacksmith recipes now needs 2x more wood
  26. Added Occupations specification on the webpage (better description for new players) for example:
  27. Added Subprofessions charts on the webpage (showing how many Miners, Lumberjacks etc. are on the server)
  28. Added Occupations charts - showing how many players of each occupation are present on Trollheim and state of occupations (if there are enough Hunters or too much Alchemists etc.)
  29. Added Money Lottery
  30. Added 100+ houses (Northport - 100%, A'leluma Alari and surroundings - 100%, Noxdale - 100%, Dion and surroundings - 30%)
  31. Added Premium Features subsite

And probably much more fixes and changes that I forgot to mention

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