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21.5.2023 -
Beta 1.3.1 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Added discord integration (server info and advertisement channel are going to be posted to discord)
  2. Added Stone Rhino Mount
  3. Added Sea Serpents spawn with quest (available from Sailor Outpost)
  4. Fixed drowning script
  5. Changed Young Sea Serpent, Blood Crab and Earth Elemental immunities (to allow Druids to hunt Sea Serpents with Earth Elementals)
  6. Skillbook of shooting master now drops from Deepling Tyrant, Lizard Chosen, Minotaur Amazon
  7. Added Trollheim Lottery - based in Damak (NPC Denice), but you can but tickets in almost all jeweller NPCs
  8. Added Shimmer Swimmer - each weapon grants really nice attributes (ie. Shimmer Wand has +10% magic level). It lasts 24h and you can extend it but using another shimmer swimmer on the weapon. Shimmer Swimmer can be catched by fisherman as a treasure. Application of Shimmer Swimmer are standard like RLTibia (mostly Yelothax loot)
  9. Added water balls - now they work properly
  10. Added Masters Voice Dungeon - with Mad Mage and Servants - clean fungus in dungeon with the slime gobbler to start Servants Raids and Mad Mage at the end. (Servant Sentry is the NPC near entrance, so look for him if you wan't to find this dungeon)
  11. Returned Vuprix NPC to the Trollheim. Now you have to make quests to be able to go to Alzarquak, Oxrok and Vuprix basement
  12. Added golden falcon script - just cosmetics
  13. Added Yielothax Dimenssion - available from Raging Mage Castle, 75% chance that portal is opened each server save.
  14. Added Raging Mage Castle - available from level 40 (only premium players), travel from Sailor Outpost
  15. Added some more hunting grounds, fixed some minor bugs


This is history changelog.

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