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20.5.2023 -
Beta 1.3 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Many sprites were replaced with new ones (especially alchemy ingredients)
  2. Spear of destiny quest fixes
  3. Spear of destiny boss updated spells DMG
  4. Fixes to DHQ
  5. Fixes to Oren Lich quest levers
  6. Fix for client exp boost info (if boost ended on killing creature you should get updated info)
  7. Added Blacksmith occupation outfit addons quests
  8. Added Alchemy occupation outfit addons quests
  9. Added Hunter occupation outfit addons quests
  10. Changes to Blacksmith smelting ingots (all ingots now needs also iron ingot for smelt)
  11. New quest for Flask of Warrior's sweat
  12. Added dissolvent and dye scripts (you can make every piece of cloth white by using dissolvent, or colour white piece of cloth using dyes)
  13. Added 6 chests with part of a rune (combine 6 parts to get rune to tame creature - parts are available, but NPC that can combine you those parts to whole rune is unavailable until next update)
  14. Updated Lugri Necromancers task - now you can hunt also Blood Priests, Shadow Pupils and Blood Hands. Also you only need 2000 kills instead of 4000
  15. Distilling machine rework - use it on material, to transform every item in a backpack (no need to click 1000 times). It is not working for fluid containers - use sample tubes instead. Also now it works only for items in your backpack, not on the ground.
  16. Rework of sample tubes - now working with them should be much more efficient. One use on fluid source can fill up 1-20 tubes. They are much lighter and on distilling machine they are also returned to your backpack (amount of sample tubes minus amount of essences bottles)
  17. Alchemy ingredients and materials changes - added dragons blood, many materials now gives essences instead of sample tubes, venom is much easier to obtain, added rhino horn and rhino hide, removed dissolvent as an ingredient
  18. Alchemy potions recipes changes - higher tier calm minded potions should be more accessible (ie. Ultimate version needs 1 venom instead of 5), health potions needs ptoamine, cognition potions needs dragons blood and much more.
  19. Huntery skinning and staking - added new monsters: Elder Wyrm, Crystalcrusher, Armadile, Wiggler, Stone Rhino, Poison Dragon, Undead gladiator, Lich
  20. Changes in skinning/staking - around 100 changes (too much to list, basically I want some creature products to be more obtainable)
  21. Changes in Huntery tanning (piece of cloths generate more thread)
  22. Scarring potions and calm minded potions level requirements are lowered


This is history changelog.

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