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19.5.2023 -
Beta 1.2.1 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Fixed Challenge spell (exeta res)
  2. Added Arch Vampire Outfit quest
  3. Added Spear of Destiny quest - 3rd tier wooden stake (maybe Huntard will know something about it.). It can be completed by any Occupation (contains more rewards)
  4. Added Oxrok (90 lvl) quest
  5. Added Squalid Cathedral passage quest
  6. Added Tarvar NPC
  7. Fixed Temple of Hollow Quest (it was possible to block quest execution if executed many times in a row)
  8. Added Koshei amulet quest (beware, Koshei The Dethless gained a lot of power since you last seen him. Prepare a team to hunt him down. Check his details on the web page.)
  9. Added Incredibly Old Witch (she has 50% to spawn each server restart, she is needed for Donkey and Terror Bird mount)
  10. Sulphurous Stone may give sulphur on break
  11. Added new raids (Vampire Lords, Grimleech, Vexclaw, Orshabaal)
  12. Added new huntery staking creatures
  13. Added new alchemy mortar recipes
  14. Fixed clay lump script
  15. Updated potions (scarring potions grants more health every tick, calm minded potion grants more mana every tick)
  16. Some items may have +% to max mana or +% to max hp
  17. Added 7 more quest chests
  18. Added Asuras spawn in Oxrok
  19. Changed Oxrok access quest (5 mystical hourglass instead of 10)
  20. Fixed or changed some monsters spells (ie. Warlock skill reducer, Elder Bonelord paralyze, etc.)
  21. Updated distance weapons


This is history changelog.

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