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18.5.2023 -
Beta 1.2 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Updated  some Hunter taming items recipes
  2. Added new monsters to skinning and staking, changed some chances for some creature products
  3. Added new alchemy mortar materials, changed some materials ingredients (ie. wyrm scale gives also keratin, brimstone fangs gives venom, dowser gives fitohormone..)
  4. All Annihilator items gets new attributes (except present box)
  5. All Demon items gets new attributes
  6. Added new Demir's carpet destination - Stanford Villa (you need nobleman outfit to pass door)
  7. All current major instant transport can be accessed by Free Account players (part of changing free/premium account benefits)
  8. Added Raft Transport System - use tokens to transport around Trollheim to previously visited rafts (find npc Zuza that is maintainer of rafts)
  9. Boosted creatures changes (removed some monsters like frogs, sheeps, cats etc.)
  10. Changed Necropharus power
  11. Added outfit and mount packages system to the game (find out more at ‚Ā†hints-and-tutorials soon)
  12. Changed Demon Spawn on path to DHQ
  13. Fixed raid token messages
  14. Added Subprofessions Highscore
  15. Reworked Corym spawn under Junkyard
  16. Additional area in south-west Damak is now open - only exp area without quests
  17. Fixed buying cheap mushroom and selling sulphur to yasir
  18. Added new spawn - Lizards in Damak
  19. Added skillbooks message  - when you try use it it will show skill required to use
  20. Magic skillbooks changed skil req - Basic(30-59), Advanced (60-89), Master (90-120)
  21. Added renting horse for 7 days option
  22. Fixed Grizzly Adams trade system
  23. FIxed Grizzly Adams and Lugri tasks
  24. Fixed not showing m lvl required for wands and rods
  25. Added wand of vortex and snakebite rod quest


This is history changelog.

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