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17.5.2023 -
Beta 1.1.2 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Added Occupation to Highscores on the website
  2. Added timeout on catching float when it is not underwater (Tasker abusers)
  3. Updated some potions recipes (Essence Potions, Potion of Stamina, Enlighten Potion)
  4. Updated Cognition potions amount of additional Exp (2->5%, 5->10%, 10->20%)
  5. Added Leader Coins as a currency to pass from Damak to Noxdale
  6. Changed price of sample tube
  7. Added new Alchemy materials (goat grass, orange star, swampling moss, powder herb, piece of swampling wood, dowser, fir cone)
  8. Heavy shovel have now greater chance to dig up hole (to prevent further digging on same tile). Also fixed duration of hole disappearing
  9. Fixed levitation level 1 spell mana (50->60) and timeout (2s->5s)
  10. Alchemy vials crafting - removed x1 button and added x50 button
  11. Updated Paladin spells (ethereal spear and strong ethereal spear). It should now work much better - revisited algorithm
  12. Added new Ore Wagon Rails - Oren Depot to Oren Rails Engine (both ways) - available after Wren's quest
  13. TP from banshee/bog raiders temple (Green Wetlands) now transports you to the hill near Oren instead of backtrack to Amazon Camp
  14. Added lot of signs where area is not yet available
  15. Fixed that some items (ie. Hat of the Mad) was not showing "special skills" like mana leech
  16. Fixed some places where you could not pass your items via ground tile or TP (ie. Temple of Hollow black tp, Mineroth Entrance from Dion site)
  17. Added Server Info channel - All messages from Trollheim hints, Raids and spawn of Leader and Alpha creatures are going to be displayed there. Also all broadcast should also go there too
  18. Premium Account is no longer required for Occupations and Subprofessions up to level 20 (of occupation or subprofession) so everybody can check it without time limit. Expect further changes in premium system in future to be more friendly for players.
  19. You now need leader coins and money to buy occupation attributes reset - I want this option to be available but not abused. Currently people don't think what att they should add because they are just resetting it over and over.
  20. Other small fixes


This is history changelog.

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