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15.5.2023 -
Beta 1.1 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Added 35 unique fish spawns - there are rivers, lakes and other reservoirs that have different fish and treasures inside. Tougher areas to get to have more unique fish and higher tier treasures (ie. Town of Oren waters don't have a chance to get something like Ruby Chest or Golden Chest, but Behemoth cave river have). For now only Oren part of the map contains unique spawns - more spawns are coming
  2. Chance for treasure increased 2% -> 3%
  3. Ability to chop some fish into fish flesh. Amount of fish flesh depends on fish weight and fish kind (different fish of the same weight can give different amount of flesh) You need cleaver for that. You can drop it from various monsters, find it on map or blacksmith can craft it
  4. Fish flesh can be sold in different locations
  5. Every day different fish on the spawn in each tier (common, uncommon, rare, very rare, ultra rare) have a chance to be tripled -> if in rare tier you can catch Carp and Bream in one day it can be much easier to catch Bream, in the other to catch Carp.
  6. Distilling machine rework: now you can distil some things depending on weight, ie. ghostfish to ectoplasm. (you can get black ink from Ooctopus and Squid, venom from Pufferfish, aquanandium from Anchovy, slime essence from sea cucumber, ectoplasm from ghostfish, sand brick from sandfish, aquanandium from 6 regular fish, blood essence from 4 red fish flesh)
  7. Food: Anchovy gives mana depending on weight, Sardine gives health depending on weight, white fish flesh has 50% chance to add 1 soul on eat, red fish flesh restores 30-180 health on eat
  8. Small balance changes to blacksmith recipes on low tier
  9. Miner pickaxes balance (you should feel that every higher tier pickaxe gives your advantage - higher power, more durability)
  10. Lumberjack balance - more durability and dmg to higher tier axes (same as above)
  11. Monsters power balance (decreased power of Hunter and Minotaur Archer, slightly increased armor of Dwarf Guard and Minotaur Guard)
  12. Jar of Honey regen more health (2->12) and mana (4->8). You can buy it in winery near Oren or use honeycomb on empty jar to create it yourself
  13. Updated alchemy mats (fire sword/axe can be turned into sulphur, quara mats gives more aquanandium)
  14. Changed rust remover recipe
  15. Low tier runes like HMM got shoot cooldown reduced (2s -> 1.5s)
  16. New Ore Wagon in Oren: From Rails -> top of the Giant Dam (ticket needed, Wren access quest is not required)
  17. Food changes -> Coconut have a chance to give souls (60->70%), Energy Bar (100% for souls 3-8), Energy drink regenerates souls
  18. Moon flower and piece of iron is now stackable
  19. New distilling machine recipes
  20. Some respawns balance (fewer monsters or deleting unsuitable monsters from spawn)
  21. Fix - Druid promotion GFB amount: 120->60
  22. Fix - Polo is now not deleting Kiling in the name of... section in the Questlog
  23. Fix - Meteorite ingot smelting
  24. Fix - Rail system (it get some additional checks - it can fix the problem or break ore wagons completely)
  25. Fix - Dark essence gathering from hunter - id changed
  26. Fix - House beds training - now you train there as slow as on RL (without skill modifier bonus)
  27. Fix - Grizzly Adams trade items
  28. Fix - Paladin and Sorcerer Trial areas death (previously there was a chance that on death you got skill and eq loss)
  29. A lot of small map fixes


This is history changelog.


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