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14.5.2023 -
Beta 1.0.4 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. More exp for fish catch
  2. Lower chance for finding treasure (5%->2%)
  3. Many map improvements
  4. Alchemist activities exp was reworked - get's less exp from potions, but amount of exp now depends on potion tier (harder potions gives more exp).
  5. Blacksmith salvage souls amount was highly reduced (0-2 souls per item depending on salvage level, 1-25 depending on salvage level previously), but now it costs Crucible duration. Also some recipes was changed
  6. It is possible to buy Reset Occupation Attribute for gold coins - ask Huntard, Grimbold and Vossler Sangrey about 'reset'
  7. Conjuring rune spells got buffed. HMM, Fireball, Stalagmite, Icicle, Holy Missile - conjuring amount is now doubled on every spell level
  8. Summon Creature on level 5 will now let you summon monsters up to 650 mana (600 previously, so now you can summon Monk, DS, Orc Leader and Dwarf Guard)
  9. Conjure field runes (Poison Field etc.) mana is reduced
  10. Skillbooks of magic level cap for Basic was reduced 40->30
  11. It is possible to dig up crab now ; )
  12. Some items got new attributes (Noble Armor, Royal Helmet etc.)
  13. Exeta res was added to the knight guild NPC - level requirement changed from 20 to 30 lvl
  14. Animate Dead rune is reworked. You can now bring back to fight: Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Ghoul, Ghost, Crypt Shambler, Zombie, Demon Skeleton. Feel free to experiment with that
  15. Field runes gives damage on impact
  16. Added house system with 15 houses in Oren


This is history changelog.

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