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12.5.2023 -
Beta 1.0.3 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Changed connection of Dion west depot
  2. Balance changes and fixes
  3. First wand and rod will always be quality 2
  4. Summon Creatures spells are going to be add to spell scrolls from Beggars - up to level 3
  5. Summon Creature spell on each level grants ability to summon more and more powerful creatures. It depends on mana that creature costs to summon
    1: 260 mana, 2: 300 mana, 3: 400 mana, 4: 500 mana, 5: 600 mana, 6: 700 mana, 7: 800 mana, 8: 900 mana, 9: 1000 mana, 10: > 1000
  6. New Monsters to summon. Druid and Sorcerer have different monsters to summon:
        All: Clay Guardian (900 mana), Orc Warlord (1200 mana)
        Sorcerer: Fire Elemental (690 mana), Energy Elemental (1550 mana)
        Druid: Ice Golem (700 mana), Earth Elemental (1000 mana), Water Elemental (1400 mana), Rot Elemental (1500 mana)
  7. Summon Creature on level 10 - you can summon up to 3 creatures
  8. Decreased time to catch fish (going lower with higher level of fisherman)
  9. Decreased chance to catch trash on lower level
  10. Added exp for catching even a trash (it's hard to start this subprofession)
  11. New NPC Captain Johnes
  12. Doubled amount of ingredients that Alchemist gets from materials
  13. Some monsters attacks fixes
  14. Fix for containers with negative quality (they should always have 1 volume at minimum)
  15. Knight minimal dmg slightly increased (shouldn't hit 0, it will scale with level)
  16. Fixed spell scrolls transformation
  17. Fixed roping from holes that can sometimes be covered by  grass, border or other items
  18. Added glooth whip quest


This is history changelog.

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