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11.5.2023 -
Beta 1.0.2 Changes
Author: GOD Feeltz

Implemented following changes:

  1. Occupation level cap was reduced to 15
  2. Fixed using trade to obtain items from the map
  3. Velur now transports correctly
  4. Fixed dmg algorithm that depends on quality and level
  5. Dion depo items were moved to Oren, now Dion has separate depo lockers like every other city
  6. Map bugs, typos and other small fixes
  7. Occupations now shows on every occupation attribute what gives you leveling you each attribute
  8. Occupations starts from 15 level now
  9. Some npc price changes
  10. Some monster drop rates changes
  11. Fixed some conjure spells
  12. Miner - reduced drop of picks from monsters
  13. Miner - reduced amount of ore veins that spawns after destroying vein. Previously was 100 * spawn rate every 15 minutes, now 10 * spawn rate every 15 minutes. It should force miners to explore more, not staying same spot over and over.
  14. Miner - slightly reduced amount of coal that can be obtained from the smallest vein
  15. Miner - slightly increased durability of rarer ore veins
  16. Lumberjack - Saw is now more obtainable, there are places on the map in which it can be spawned and also Thiefs can drop it in loot. However now it has 100 durability
  17. Lumberjack - Axe (that you can drop from monsters like Orc) can now be used as lumberjack axe. It has 80 durability
  18. Spell scrolls will now show if they can be transformed in transformation table
  19. Magical professions will now get more spell scrolls while advancing in magic level
  20. Added new NPC Barney, that can buy loot from Coryms
  21. Increased chance of dropping all skill books
  22. Skill books now have different skill requirements [Basic: 40-79 skill, Advanced: 80-99 skill, Master: 100-120 skill]
  23. Poachers can drop fishing rods
  24. Decreased spawn of blueberries
  25. New quest from level 20. It can be accessed from Dion sewers. Prepare for 2 Undead Gladiators that are protecting reward. If you find locked door, maybe some beggar in Dion can give you one


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