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16.12.2022 -
Starting today!
Author: GOD Feeltz

Today is the day!
(19:00 Poland, 15:00 Brazil)

    We are starting Beta launch today! You should see premium points rewarded during alpha stage on your account and premium points that you bought during alpha are also restored. All accounts should also get premium days respectively to their account creation time.

    To play without problems you should download new version of our client at the download section. We made lot of fixes and changes since Alpha 7.0. You can check them at the changelog section.

    There are some changes in gameplay during start. You will log in directly to the Rookgaard temple to prevent blocking from other players. Spiders and rats will respawn even when there is a player on their spawn. We switched off occupations quests for now.

    We also updated minimap. If you want to leave map parts that you already explored just use installMinimap.bat and than disagree for replacing files ("Skip these files" button).

Have a great day!

See you in game!

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