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 Becoming an Alchemist is a great way to stay independent during hunts if you have a proper equipment with you. Thanks to a specific kind of knowledge Alchemist can create potions that are not available in regular shops. Depending on your experience and ingredients, you can create potions with random effects. Of course you can stick to the recipe to create the potion you want in the first place.


Solo difficulty: ★★★★☆
Best vocation: every vocation should perform fine
Best subprofessions: Fisherman (★★★★☆) - alchemist spends lot of static, Jeweler (★★★☆☆) - some ingredients are needed for crafting
Other subprofessions: Cook (★★★☆☆), Treasure Hunter (★★☆☆☆), Miner (★★☆☆☆), Lumberjack (★★☆☆☆)
Pros Cons
Great for team Difficult for solo play
Earning by selling potions to players You have to by creature materials in the first place
Can play and exp entirely from town Probably 1 Alchemist needed for team of 2-4 players
Must have late game - most potions on Trollheim are available from crafting only Uses a lot of souls

 To start Alchemy Occupation talk with NPC Vossler Sangrey in the Town of Oren. He works in the Alchemy Quarter under Alexander's wands and rods shop. Remember that if you choose Alchemist path, you cannot become Hunter or Blacksmith.

To get experience in alchemy and level up, you have to do following actions:


  • Brew potions from recipes
  • Brew custom potions
  • Turn materials into ingredients
  • Create empty vials out of sand

When you level up, you get points that you can add to one of 4 attributes:

Alchemy Attributes

  • Experience - ability to create more potions at once
  • Skill - ability to create more potions out of the same amount of ingredients
  • Precision - get more ingredients out of the same amount of materials
  • Knowledge - responsible for the ability to create more complex potions and ability receive ingredients from rarer materials

To get more information about attributes simply click "Info" button.


There are 6 stages of Alchemist depending on Alchemy Level:
  • Novice [1-9]
  • Intermediate [10-29]
  • Advanced [30-59]
  • Master [60-89]
  • Virtuoso [90-99]
  • Legend 100


 Materials can be turned into Ingredients using Alchemy Mortar. By this action you get alchemy experience. Materials are mostly creature products we all know, like pelvis bone or minotaur leather. If you use Mortar on them and your Knowledge is enough, you'll get Ingredients.


You can also enter your Materials Journal and see what Materials you know, and what Ingredients they gives.

AlchemyMaterialsYouHave AlchemyHardenedBone


 In Trollheim Online you can find a lot of new items. Some of them are Alchemy Ingredients!

AlchemyIngredients (2)

 Ingredients are needed to brew potions. Every ingredient has its own unique properties that contribute to the potion's final effect. (Not to recipe potions).


 To know the first effect simply right click with your mouse on the ingredient.


 Like with materials, you can see some information about ingredients (that you have in your backpack).


 There is also distilling machine that can help you with gathering ingredients. It is mostly used to turn sample tubes into essences. Just craft some sample tubes and use them on fluid sources like corpses to fill them up. Then use distilling machine on them. You can read more about Distilling Machine here.

Distilling Machine

Potions from Bowl

 To create potions simply put them in the bowl.

AlchemyIngredients AlchemyBowl

If you click "Brew", you will get a potion.


If there was ingredient in your bowl, that you didn't know it's second effect, you will get a message about that effect.


If you are lucky enough you can discover potion recipe that you are going to use in future, to brew potions faster.

Potions form Recipe

 The main purpose of Alchemist is to create potions. This way is most efficient. If there are potions you know (discovered by using a bowl) and your Knowledge is enough to brew them from a recipe, you will get them on that list.


 You can see that some of potions on the list occurs with "*". That'ss potion, that your Knowledge is enough for but you didn't discover them in a Bowl. If you enter that position you will get a window with ingredients that are needed to Brew this potion. If an ingredient is blurred it means that you need more Knowledge.


 Depending on your experience level you can have buttons "Brew x1", "Brew x5", "Brew x20", "Brew x100".


 The number in button is showing how many potions you are going to brew. But how many ingredients you need for each button?

  • Brew x1 - 1x ingredients from a recipe
  • Brew x5 - 2x ingredients from a recipe
  • Brew x20 - 3x ingredients from a recipe
  • Brew x100 - 5x ingredients from a recipe

As you can see, more Experience Attribute means cheaper Potions.

 But what potions are available? Many, many different potions. Potions that give you mana, health, soul potions (both instantly and over time), speed, light, magic level, skills, and even offensive ones to throw. Few of them you can see here:

potion potion potion potion potion potion potion potion potion

Vials Crafting

 Alright, alright. But you won't be able to brew potions from recipe without flasks! There are 5 different types of vials that you need for potions. You can craft them by in your alchemy table. To create flasks you need sand. But how to get sand? It's simple, just use a shovel on sandy area and you will get sand. Be aware of Scarabs!


Key Items

There are few items, that every Alchemy adept should know.

Alchemy apparatus - if you use them you are going to open Alchemy Window

Alchemy mortar - use it on alchemy materials to get alchemy ingredients

On top of that, there are Alchemy Materials, Alchemy Ingredients and Potions of course, but you already know this.

Go into occupations to see rest occupations.

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