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22 Oct 2023 -
Fix for max network message size will be uploaded with tomorrow's morning restart.

Fix for max network message size will be uploaded with tomorrow's morning restart.

29 Sep 2023 -
MOSNTER POWER EVENT in 9 hours! Leaders and Alpha monsters respawn chance is doubled during this...

MOSNTER POWER EVENT in 9 hours! Leaders and Alpha monsters respawn chance is doubled during this event!


25 Sep 2023 -
Free premium time for everyone to celebrate 4 months of Trollheim Online. Every account with active...

Free premium time for everyone to celebrate 4 months of Trollheim Online. Every account with active Premium Time gets additional 21 premium days. Account without active Premium gets 14 days of Premium Time! See you in game!

12 Jul 2023 -
Tomorrow we will have another stream! Feel invited to talk about Trollheim!

Tomorrow we will have another stream! Feel invited to talk about Trollheim!

22 Jun 2023 -
You can watch me streaming every Thursday at 7 PM UTC

You can watch me streaming every Thursday at 7 PM UTC

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18.11.2023 -
Trollheim 1.2.2
Author: Zealot


Another update delivered.

1. Added NPC Gobran - he can help you spare some time traveling.

2. Fixed fishing monsters - calamary, quara predator, quara predator scout.

3. Fixed many typos

4. Fixed some bosses that were able to spawn as alpha/leader.

5. Fixed exp stage above level 300 (x6)

6. Treasure Hunter book has been published.



17.10.2023 -
Trollheim 1.2.1
Author: GOD Feeltz

On today's morning we had small update:

  1. Rhino mount has been fixed (players that got different mount and want to change it please let me know)
  2. Some items on the market that were unavailable are now present
  3. Items on the market with wrong names or wrong icons were fixed
  4. Some tiles changed speed, some tiles speed were increased some were decreased
  5. Leather can now be transformed into keratin
  6. Fixed Fisherman wooden crates (they generate in bag instead of backpack, but it has random quality and enchantment)
  7. Added new stuff to wooden crates (iron ore, platinum ore, wooden ties, wood)

7.10.2023 -
Trollheim 1.2
Author: GOD Feeltz
  1. New character list
  2. Changed loot of: Fleshcrawler, Dark Torturer, Enlighten of the Cult, Monk, Dark Monk, Crazed Beggar, Crypt Defiler, Smuggler, Thief (some item icons may not be displayed properly yet)
  3. Fixed firebug usage
  4. NPC Willy can be asked about book
  5. NPC Phillip new quest
  6. Fix for stone of insight
  7. Changes to Mimics melee damage
  8. Added new message when you advance to level 10 about occupations
  9. Added new NPCs: Gemma, Jean, Kurt, Dorothy, Miyagi
  10. Changes the exp amount for TH that gets from Chests (lowered first 3 chests, increased last 4 chests exp)
  11. Increased duration and range of Light spells
  12. Changed some details about Brutal Magic Troll from Master Sorcerer trial
  13. Fixed some typos
  14. Added Foraging Book (reworked whole foraging system to be more configurable, easier to tweak and change)
  15. Reworked Fisherman Subprofession
    • Fisherman License display new statistics
    • Added Fisherman book
    • Added logs for every fish and treasure you find (so I can later on balance it a bit more)
    • You can now see on what water are you fishing (name of it)
    • Fixed bug when you could fill the treasure chest with items when it was closed
    • Reworked the whole treasure chests system - you will be able to get treasure much faster, but with less stuff inside
    • Added 50+ new unique fishing spots
    • reconfigured some spots in terms of treasures and fish spices
  16. Mimics are not blocked by field bombs
  17. Fix to maaaany typos
  18. Increased size of a depot locker
  19. Checked almost 10 000 items with the original TFS repo and other distro to fix some "Item of type xxxx" things
  20. Fix for Demona shortcut
  21. Zarabustor was boosted - throw spells much faster
  22. Fix that removes potion before adding vial to player (this change was not tested enough, so it may cause some troubles, please report any problems with potions)
  23. Occupation masters will now tell correctly about level you need to start occupation quest
  24. NPC Shiriel buys flasks
  25. Lumberjack, Miner and Fisherman can not use their tools in PZ to prevent spawning monsters in PZ.
  26. Changed amount of exp that TH gets from chests (lowered first 3 chests, increased last 4 chests)
  27. Fixed TH gaining exp from chest above his subprofession level
  28. Lowered materials crafting consumption by some ammunition recipes
  29. Fixed Precision Attr description in Alchemy occupation Window
  30. Slime corpse can now be destroyed by Destroy Field
  31. Description of Rashid location is more precise
  32. Changed some quests msgs
  33. Rust Remover now gives more feedback about its effect
  34. Fixed some holes (players could not use rope on them)
  35. Fixed mutated tiger corpse
  36. Fixed some cups - you can now normal put fluids inside
  37. Fixed Dragon Scale Helmet attributes bonus
  38. Fix for counting items mortared by Alchemist
  39. Fixed Occupation info about how much experience left for the next level
  40. Lurebox will now inform that it can be used only inside players backpack
  41. Fixed impossibility to send money to rookgaard (if player is online, before it worked only when player was offline)
  42. You can no longer send parcels to rookgaard (players don't have an access to inbox, but you could send them parcel that went to void)
  43. Some fixes in baking (bread, cake, etc.)
  44. House rent now checks if player have premium account
  45. Berserk, Mastermind and Bullseye potion now stacks with other bonuses, don't disable spell bonuses like on RL Tibia
  46. Added Dye Powders (not accessible yet)
  47. Smelting now gives different amount of exp based on materials
  48. Some party fixes and increased code abilities in therms of party
  49. xxx map fixes
  50. Added task sharing feature (up to 4 players can gain task kill, in party players will have to have shared experience to count). It works only for Adams tasks and Rook tasks. Tasks for money like King Orenus or Macey are excluded from this feature.

25.9.2023 -
4 months of Trollheim Online
Author: GOD Feeltz

Hello Trollheimians!

To celebrate 4 months from Trollheim Online official launch, every account with active Premium Time gets additional 21 premium days. Account without active Premium gets 14 days of Premium Time!


With that occasion I would like to announce

Monster Power Event
For one day power of the monsters on Trollheim Online will rise!

Normals: 70% - 150% 105% - 225%
Leaders: 300% 450%
Alphas: 1000% 1500%

You can expect many raids during this day! At least 1 raid every hour for the whole day!

Date: 30.09.2023


See you in game!

1.9.2023 -
Trollheim 1.1
Author: GOD Feeltz

With this update we switch completely to the new client. It is now available as the default one from the Download section. However the old one is still available to play for the next couple of weeks. It will be turned off soon, but you can expect that I will announce that.

  1. Added Subprofessions window to the Client
  2. Added Occupations window to the Client
  3. Quest tracker now saves it's position after restart of the client
  4. There is a limit of quests tracked set to 10
  5. Added "remove mission" to the quest tracker (RMB)
  6. Removed Fishing from Skills window
  7. Deleted option "equip" on hotkeys
  8. Added Spellbook feature - 3 there are 3 types of spellbooks: Basic (you can see only learned spells), Advanced (you can see spells on all levels of your vocation), Master (you can see all spells). Better spellbooks have higher tier of showing spells.
  9. Deleted option to choose "default" client
  10. Fixed ambient light option in the client
  11. Extended text window for better visibility of recipes etc.
  12. Added Rule Violation reports
  13. Minimap "center" button now centers also player's current floor
  14. Questlog supports arrows clicking
  15. Same for hotkeys
  16. Faster navigation on the minimap (CTRL + ALT + <Arrow>)
  17. Skill window can be now properly resized
  18. Critical chance etc. now highlight on green correctly
  19. Fixed some Actionbar errors
  20. Added search option for spellbooks
  21. Firewalker boots duration is extended 1h->2h
  22. Custom spells like Teleport Summon now have correct spellid (so cooldown for spell and runes now works correctly)
  23. Changed colors and light levels of Day'n'Night cycles
  24. Some change to Demona quest
  25. Fix for Vincent NPC (highlight keyword 'trade')
  26. You can now use pick on blood stains (and other splashes)
  27. Added Scarf for tanning
  28. Fixed some map bugs
  29. Added ability to parse XML files in LUA scripts (engine development)
  30. Found a way to fix some other bugs (thank you people from Twitch stream!)


21.8.2023 -
Trollheim 1.0.11
Author: GOD Feeltz

I hope you enjoyed last Demona update. And I hope you found the shortcut! Lately i focused more on QoL improvements and visual aspects of the Trollheim. I also made many more tweaks and changes:


  1. Boss bar - every time you face powerful monster, you will get Bar at the center of your game window
  2. Potions indicators - now at the top left of the game screen you will see how long the potion will last
  3. Added Forager to subprofessions and highscores
  4. Added Balance to highscores
  5. Fixed display of patrons information on site
  6. Changed modal windows buttons order (occupation window, world board etc.) - now as we are switching to new client
  7. Bird nest have 50% to give 2 items instead of 1
  8. Added NPC Aldo
  9. Added NPC Jojne
  10. Added counters for crafted items in occupations (you will no longer need to remember which items you already crafted with bonus exp)
  11. Added restriction for potions crafting - can not craft potion with only 1 ingredient inside the bowl
  12. Cancel Invisibility spell has now bigger area on higher levels
  13. Added stone of insight script
  14. Added NPC Trimegis
  15. Added Elementalist outfit quest
  16. Added slime mould to alchemy materials
  17. Added Zarabustor raid - also changed loot and behaviour
  18. Spawning monsters from spider eggs, sarcophagus etc. now depends on Forager level - low levels don't have to fear of spawning Spectre
  19. Fix for Lumberjack spawning monsters
  20. Changes in Treasure Hunter rewards - some items can now be found more often then others
  21. Added outfit for Patrons
  22. Added heavy quiver recipe for Hunters
  23. Mimics will no longer show loot message
  24. Added animation for Subprofessions
  25. Added low level facilities as Buffs - player will now see buff on screen when he is not able to loose eq
  26. Added new events to save eq to display on site (to fix mismatch between game and site)
  27. Extend death list to 10 rows
  28. Improved monsters behaviour - ranged monsters will turn to enemy less frequently, so they will be harder to catch
  29. Lumberjack can craft staff
  30. Fix for resetting abilities (there was a bug when active item like firewalker boots effect ended, and you replaced them with new firewalker boots - they wouldn't work, you had to deequip them and equip again)
  31. Added onIdventoryUpdate event - for future Development of Jeweler and Custom item attributes upgrade
  32. Fixed simple arrows abuse - you can no longer equip simple arrows if you don't have bow type of weapon equipped (you can not get attack speed bonus until you have proper way to use simple arrows)

12.8.2023 -
Demona update
Author: GOD Feeltz
  1. New area with quest - lvl 80 needed. It may be really long so prepare for it. It's more riddle than challenge. More info at the end of the post
  2. Lumberjack has increased chance to find bird nest and creatures on the trees
  3. New raids of pigeons - Oren and Dion
  4. Pigeons and seagulls now drop feather pieces - they can be skinned now as well
  5. Orshabaal health change 20500 -> 25000
  6. Stone Devourer - changes in speed, armor, resists
  7. Trap monsters like Deathslicer can no longer spawn as leader or alpha
  8. Blacksmith female outfit should be now normally obtainable

Greedy dwarves always dig deep and ruthlessly. One time they dug up to the Minotaur Labirynth. Minotaurs escaped and set up settlement near Verrock. The entrance is now buried and forgotten.
There is a legend about powerful sorcerers that were exploring secrets of a dark magic. To prevent from nosy humans they've created the Great Maze. Unfortunately long time ago this place were taken by the dark forces and now it is called Demona!

1.8.2023 -
Subprofessions update
Author: GOD Feeltz

New update has been uploaded to the server recently. In this update I focused on Subprofessions and early stage of the game, especially on new players experience. For example Occupation can now be started at level 10!.


  1. Crashing vein of ore (looted item) gives now random from 1-3 of random ore (1 previously)
  2. You can get gold ore and shining stone from mining Large Vein (2x chance) and Small Vein (previously was only from large vein)
  3. Sulphurus stone on crash have 40% to give you 1-2 sulphur (was 15% for 1-5 sulphur)
  4. Gold ore now gives 1-5 gold chip (1-3 previously)
  5. Ore Veins spawns is doubled (2 times per hour -> 4 times per hour)
  6. Crushing Gold Ore, Vein of Ore, Sulphurus Stone, Shining Stone now reduces durability of pick. Every of mentioned items has it's own requirement of pick tier, so you will not be able to crush Shining Stone with basic pick.



  1. Lumberjack can now get bird nest upon cutting down a tree. Bird nest contains some more and less useful items, but should boost profitability of Lumberjack
  2. There is a possibility find monster in the trees. There are many monsters that can be found, the higher level of the Lumberjack, the stronger/rarer monsters.
  3. Added Simple Arrows to crafting - they are like training weapon, but for Paladins. They grant +0.8 s faster attack speed and have only 5% chance to brake, so 100 arrows should last for around 2000 shots.
  4. Added ability to cut some monster corpses with axe - Swampling, Woodling, Leaf Golem, Wilting Leaf Golem, Haunted Treeling (it works similar to Hunter's skinning)
  5. Increased prices in Axell's shop for buying wood (it should induce people to buy wood from Lumberjacks instead of NPC)
  6. Added haunted piece of wood for sale to Axell's shop
  7. Added more loot to Swampling
  8. Lumberjack Materials window in crafting now shows attributes that item can get during crafting
  9. Doubled min amount of feather pieces from feathers



  1. New Subprofession available for everyone, is not counted to the subprofessions limit. Subprofession get half experience on advance comparing to other subprofessions. It was made especially for new players to let them know that there are other ways to gain exp than hunting monsters. It is also the only subprofession that is available on Rookgaard.
  2. Gaining Foraging experience is easy. Following activities are from now considered as foraging: gathering fruits (blueberry bush, palm tree, etc.), opening spider egg, sarcophagus, iron maiden, hydra egg, sleeping skeleton, catching butterflies, digging in the sand (only mainland), filling sample tubes and others.
  3. Sleeping skeleton, Iron Maiden, Sarcophagus can now contain same small treasures like gold coins. Spider eggs and hydra eggs can contain slime.
  4. Iron Maiden and Sarcophagus can now spawn powerful monsters (but it is as rare as Giant Spider from spider egg)
  5. There is a chance to break shovel on digging in sand (0.01%)



  1. Lumberjack now craft wooden stake out of Hard Wood (was Strange Wood)
  2. Wilting Leaf Golem is now undead type instead of blood (is not leaving blood splash on death)
  3. Fixed Silver Mace salvage recipe
  4. Fixes for some weapons (on destroy script)
  5. Added Marrow to Alchemy Ingredients script
  6. Spider corpse is now slime source again
  7. Wasp that is summoned can not be caught to the jar
  8. Fixed some more map bugs

On top of that I made change to the targeting on Battle List. Now you can target players on battle list unless you are in PZ lock state. So you can heal your friends on target them with offensive runes if you are in party, but in PvP after initial hit it is no longer possible to target on battle list.


See you in game!


26.7.2023 -
2 months of Trollheim Online
Author: GOD Feeltz

Hello Trollheimians!

It's 26 of July, 2 months after the launch of the Trollheim Online!
Since last bug fixing announcement I managed to resolve 293 bug reports (I count only valid reports) and rewarded you with 13500 premium points!
What gives us whooping 424 valid bug reports resolved and 24935 premium points!

I have also read all of your answers from ‚Ā†discord polls and I am now trying to work on Trollheim with your feedback in mind.
Also I would like to thank you for all love and all criticism you've given me in this poll <3

Below some of the last changes:

Client changes:

  1. Changed color of creatures in battle list (was dark grey, it's much ligher now)
  2. Changed colors of some lists to match previous client (light background with dark highlight -> dark background to light highlight)
  3. Fixed flag icon on the minimap (it was green up arrow before)

Changes to the game:

  1. Changed some houses beds places (to be more accessable)
  2. Changed 2 houses names
  3. Fix for rift crossbow (now correctly uses it's attribute)
  4. Changed Fireball spell level requirement (27->22)
  5. Fixed engine code that may cause potential crash
  6. Small change in description of spell scrolls
  7. Summon Creature spell level requirement changed on all levels of spell to 12
  8. Fixed some "Item of type xxxx" items
  9. Fixed spider corpse - now after skinning correctly changes sprite
  10. Fixed tons of typos
  11. Fixed George NPC that could give bottle infinite amount of time if player not left conversation
  12. Changes and fixed some Quest Log msgs.
  13. Fixed Waraxe salvage recipe
  14. Fix for empty spell scrolls -> Try to use them to wrap and unwrap again
  15. Fixed sleeping skeleton script (caused errors sometimes)
  16. NPC that sells fluids (ie. mug of water) now correctly names the ware
  17. Fixed Nomard corpse
  18. Added new items to Yasir
  19. Fixed Energy Field rune level 5 spell scroll
  20. Fixed Iron Axe Cast crucible duration
  21. Added description to the custom potions (thanks to @Smietankowy Modzio)
  22. Removed some unused dialogs and added some others to NPCs
  23. Fixed Gold Converter (sometimes may take charge on failed attempt to change money)
  24. Fixed Braindeath and Furious Troll corpses to be moveable
  25. Added Hydra tongue to the George Finch
  26. Changes some prices in George Finch shop
  27. Fixed Arrow and Mayor Lewis message on 9th task.
  28. Changed recipe for leather whip
  29. Little Corym corps leaves blood
  30. Added every weapon to the destroy script
  31. Barbarian Headsplitter now drops basic shooting book instead of advanced
  32. Fixed Lugri necromancer quest (contact me if it won't work for someone that already started second task)
  33. Some changes to squirrels
  34. Fixed some wrongly displayed items on the market
  35. Fixed hundreds of map glitches (mostly "grass on mushroom", "grass on tree", "grass on flower" etc.)

There were also many more small fixes too:

Alchemy, NPC Map marks, Treasure Hunter, Fisherman, Map etc.




See you in game!


23.7.2023 -
New Client - experimental version
Author: GOD Feeltz

Hello Trollheimians!

As you may know new client based on OTCv8 is available right now.


It will stay as experimental client for few weeks and then it will become the only official client for Trollheim Online. This client contains auto-update feature so there will be no need to download it again when patch comes!

See you in game!

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